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Skunter: Hey there!

Thanks for saying that the lenght is decent. Well...some of the other chapters are a bit longer then this, but I might be able to do it shorter (I am revising this story and all XD )

Yeah, I beleive that description is one of the things that makes a story good. However, I also try my best to not do too much of it that the readers will fall asleep! XD I will try to describe better though.

Hanako Tabris: Well, I fixed the mistakes and also changed the beginning a bit.(yay for Italian class being cancled for today! ) And oh, you hadn't read the book yet? Well, be prepared to be spoiled when I put some scenes of what happened in that story in spoilers. XD

Again, thanks you two for the review! Next chapter will come in early November, I hope. XD

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