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Originally Posted by Dr0n3 View Post
is there a hack to make starter pokemon shiny?
What do you mean? If you mean you want to make pokemon shiny in your hack...
You'll have to read and then apply mastermind X's tutorial to a rom, and then rescript the beginning of the rom.

Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
Is there a script command that will check a specific pkmn in the player's party..?

I mean, the script will be activated when a certain pkmn is with your party.

Example, If the player doesn't have a HOPPIP, the script won't work.

Also, is the script command /lv/h01 is the command that will show the player's name in the message box in the script..?

Thanks in advance.
Shouldn't this be posted in the script discussion section? Anyway, there is one way that I use for a checkpokemon.
setvar 0x4036 0x81
copyvar 0x8004 0x4036
special2 LASTRESULT 0x17C
compare LASTRESULT 1
if b_true goto $yes
The only thing that you'll have to change is this, "setvar 0x4036 0x81," 0x81 is the pokemon's number.
I've heard of an easier way but I haven't tested it out, yet.
#raw 0x7D 0x1 0xPOKEMON
I'm not 100% sure what to add after it. It would most likely either be written as...
#raw 0x7D 0x1 0xPOKEMON
if 1 goto $gotit
#raw 0x7D 0x1 0xPOKEMON
if 6 goto $donthaveit
Maybe someone could check this because I'm not sure. But I know the one involving setvar works.

To show the players name in a script, you need to use \v\h01

Oh and did you still want to see those scripts? Cry, (I forgot the what else)