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-FINALLY finished. I revamped the ending to this chapter as me and my beta (Diamondpearl876) thought some one was developed too drastically.

-After mind numbing time of choosing a chapter title, I was listening through my playlist and happened to come across the Eiffel 65 song and the lyrics, I felt had to do with the chapter, very much.

Now Isn't Forever

“Hey! I’m home!” a smug but deep, calmed voice rang out. It sounded as if it belonged to one of those hardcore surfers who constantly said “radical” and “bodacious”. A door could be heard closing as well as two pairs of footsteps.

I quickly stood up from my desk where I was drawing a picture of a Geodude for school. My body was not that of my regular maturity. I looked in the mirror and saw that I was my nine year old self. It didn’t cross my mind that I should be sixteen… or was it seventeen now? I ran out of my room and pedaled down the stairs. I stopped on the landing to see my brother to my left. He was much taller than I; he was tall enough so that our heads were level when I was three stairs off of the floor. He was an almost fanatic bodybuilder, which was obvious from his suntanned, muscular arms. He smiled at me and took off his shoes. I scanned his belt, which separated his beige Beastie Boys t-shirt from his baggy olive pants and noticed a red and white sphere known as a ‘pokeball’ on it. I could see something green behind his short, dark brown hair that was gelled up. It was his seventeenth birthday, so he used this milestone as an opportunity to get his first pokemon.

“Hey, Jeffrey,” my brother, Keanu, said with a mellow tone. “Is Mom home?”

“Yeah, she’s out back with Chikorita… did you get a pokemon?!” I asked with eagerness.

“Yeah… Jeffrey, this is Sawyer, my new friend.” From behind Keanu’s head jumped down a light green lizard with two green tails and a red underbelly. The lizard pokemon grinned at me. It was the coolest pokemon I had ever seen!

“Awesome! That’s so cool! Why did you call it Sawyer, Keanu? Why not something like Leafy or Rex?” I asked. My creative vocabulary was lacking considerably at that age. The Treecko gave a hurt look.

“First of all, Sawyer’s a HE not an IT. Remember that knowing your pokemon’s gender is important when forming a bond for when you get your first pokemon. I mean, how would you feel to be called an IT?”

I looked at the ground in shame. “Sorry, Sawyer,” I apologized. The wood gecko nodded, accepting my request for forgiveness.

“Anyways, my favorite book was ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ and Sawyer means, I think, either wood or woodcutter or something and a Treecko IS a WOOD gecko pokemon,” Keanu replied proudly. “Also, both of those are crap names for Sawyer here.”

The Treecko chuckled and began to curiously look around the hallway. I stared in awe at the miraculous pokemon. I couldn’t help but feel jealous.

“Well, I’m going to say goodbye to her and then I’m finally off,” stated Keanu.

“’Off’? You mean you’re leaving?!” I asked in disbelief.

“Yeah, I finally have my first pokemon and I’ve gotten all I could from Professor Birch’s classes, so I have no reason not to!” he explained while disappearing into the kitchen.

I sat on the steps and placed my head in my hands. I couldn’t believe that he was actually leaving! It just didn’t seem fair. Why did my brother, who I idolized, have to leave me here alone?! Did he even think about what he was leaving behind? I knew it was selfish of me and I wouldn’t be able to change his mind but I was sad and frustrated.

I let out a soft sob through hands which covered my face. I remained there in the dark of my hands for a few minutes. All of a sudden I felt a warm, comforting hand on my shoulder. I turned an eye and saw that it was Sawyer! I quickly turned my head away and wiped the tears from my face before looking back. Sawyer let out an all-knowing grin and continued to pat my shoulder.

“Thanks, Sawyer,” I smiled. “You’re a great pokemon.”

The Treecko blushed and scratched the back of his head. Keanu came back in the hallway, now carrying a massive hiking backpack.

“You ready, Sawyer?” Keanu asked him, smiling.

It seemed like he was TOO eager to leave.

Sawyer nodded, gave me final pat on the shoulder and leaped from the stairs to Keanu’s shoulder.

“See you around, Jeffrey; we’ll be back sometime…”

“Bye, Keanu. Bye, Sawyer. I’ll see you later. Oh… and it’s ‘Jeff’!” I replied with a hint of contempt.

Keanu and I shook hands and he opened the door. I made eye contact with the yellow eyes lizard before the door created a sight barrier between us. Once they were out of sight, I quickly ran upstairs and jumped face down on my bed. I let out a few uncontrolled weeps before collecting myself in my sheets.

I can’t believe he’s gone.

I wiped the tears from my eyes and looked up at my white ceiling. I started to think about Sawyer, the Treecko.

Ever since I’ve set my eyes on that pokemon I’ve decided that that would be my first pokemon, no matter what.

I don’t care how much the Treecko hates me; I’m going to make sure to love it and care for it as much as possible! Eventually we’re going to become best friends and we’ll battle together, play together, and travel together, just like Keanu and Sawyer! I promise that we’re going to become best of friends and NOTHING will be able to drive us apart. Nothing.



Jeff’s eyes shot open. He blinked back glazed eyes. He looked down to find Corphish and Daedalus sprawled on his chest. Jeff looked to the right side of his head, expecting Treecko to be sleeping beside him. He let out a sad sigh and looked upwards.

It’s funny how things turned out…”

Jeff felt a heavy, warm breeze blowing onto his left side. It felt kind of dewy. Jeff closed his eyes. The moist wind continued at a continuous pace every four seconds. Irritated and dazed, Jeff opened his eyes and turned his head to his right side.

He noticed a large boulder like form beside him. The rock was almost shaped like a face. It appeared to have eyes, a large mouth, and a nose. On the top of the boulder was a large, oddly shaped, pointed crest. On the side, going from the apparent mouth, past the pseudo-left eye was a very deep, gray slash mark, as if somebody cut the rock like King Arthur and Excalibur. Jeff tried to look around the weird rock and found out that attached to the boulder was more boulders. The boulders created a chain, going around in a circle around the group. The stones became smaller as they went along. Jeff was surprisingly passive to the situation.

Was there a crazy avalanche or something?” Jeff thought, staring at the linked rock formation.

He turned his head back towards the largest rock. He noticed that the rock, that he thought was an eye, fluttered, revealing a white, glossy interior. Jeff looked back up at the dawn sky. The fact suddenly sunk in. He darted his head towards the face that he thought was a rock and quickly sat up. He scooted away from his head, backing against the tail that was coiled around the campsite.

“Is th-that a pok… kemon?”

The pokemon opened its mouth and yawned in a bass, throaty groan. The yawn was so powerful that Jeff’s hair was blown towards the pokemon on the inhale, but then his whole body was pushed back with the mightier exhale. Corphish and Daedalus were both awoken by Jeff’s moving. They stared at the giant sleeping pokemon and jumped to Jeff’s side.

“<An Onix!>” Corphish exclaimed.

“<What’s it doing all the way over here?!>”

“Ok, guys? Climb on my back and we might be able to get over the end of its tail without waking it.”

It was too late. The Onix lifted up its scarred head, let out a roar and extended its tail; it was like it was stretching. It rose like a tree and towered over the three. It peered down at the travelers and nodded.

“<Please don’t eat me! I’m very sharp and I taste of feet!>” Corphish pleaded.

Onix licked his lips and grinned. “<Don’t worry little Corphish, I do not eat other pokemon.>”

Corphish let out a sigh of relief.

“<Where exactly am I? I’ve been lost since yesterday,>” Onix asked, looking around him.

“<You’re about a kilometer east of Petalburg City,>” Daedalus informed.

“<What?! They airlifted me to the MAINLAND?!>” the large Onix roared.

Jeff stepped back; he was sure the Onix would attack them.

“<They? Who’s they?>” Daedalus continued to grill.

“<The humans of Dewford Island! I remember something hit my scar and then I woke up, suspended by two helicopters over the water. I was sure I would die.>”

“<So the humans knocked you out and dumped you here?>” Daedalus asked with contempt in his voice.

“<No. The human’s didn’t knock me out… they just took me here. I don’t remember what happened in between,” explained the Onix.

“<What happened before that?>”

“<I’d… rather not talk about it… >” the massive rock snake mumbled, looking away.

“<Well my name is Daedalus!>” the flying type introduced himself in merriment. “<That is Corppy, and the human is Jeff. Don’t worry, Jeff isn’t one of the bad humans.>”

“<It’s nice to meet you all. I was called by my c… my name was… just call me Atlas,>” the Onix struggled to mumble in a sulking bass.

“<Nice to meet you, Atlas. That scar on your face looks pretty fresh and… REALLY deep! You should have that bandaged or something. How did you get it?>” Daedalus asked.

Atlas pretended not to hear him and he looked around the sky and the surrounding scenery. “<You don’t happen to know how to get back to Dewford… do you?>”

“<The way we’re getting there is by ferry… although I don’t know why we’re bothering to go there,>” Daedalus informed him.

Jeff, frustrated for being left out of the pokespeech, hopped over Atlas’ tail and sulked towards the tree line on the edge on the clearing. He sat down in the grass and looked into the forest.

The Onix noticed this and asked, “<What’s wrong with your human… Jeff?>”

A wave of solemn feelings returned to the party.

“<I am sorry, did I say something wrong?>” Atlas asked, puzzled and embarrassed.

“<No, it’s not your fault. We’ve… recently had a Treecko, Jeff’s best friend, leave…>” Daedalus enlightened the rock snake pokemon.

“<The green, selfish b*stard,>” Corphish muttered to himself.

“<I think I should say something to him,>” the Onix told them. “<Hey, Jeff!>”

Jeff didn’t turn or reply. For all he knew, Atlas was talking to the others.

“<Can he understand me?>”

“<Maybe if you scared us half to death two days before tonight,>” Corphish told him.

Atlas tilted his head in confusion. “<I don’t understand…>”

“<You seem like a good guy, and, no offense, but it doesn’t look like you’d have anyone to tell…>”

The Onix let out a grunt from his nose. The exhale was so powerful that Daedalus had to dig his talons into the earth to keep from being blown back. Corphish, however, went somersaulting behind him.

“<…Sorry,>” Atlas apologized, scratching the back of his head with his tail, sheepishly. Daedalus nodded and began to explain what had happened with Jeff.


Continued next post...
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