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A few Sprites I Revamped/Indexed:

Yellow Mewtwo (I revamped it using it's DP colors.)

Crasher Wake (Yep this is the same sprite from TwilightIllusion, since I Indexed the Wake sprite for him.)

DP Tower Tycoon (I Indexed this also,I Indexed it because Cooley requested this o be Indexed at PHO.)

I made a Pan sprite from DBGT (I used Dawn's pallete.)

Max ( I used his colors from the Anime so that's why it might look more Advance, yes it is Indexed.)

Custom Max (I got bored and re-did the Max sprite so he doesn't have glasses or the nerdy clothes.)

Lucas and Dawn (I Indexed these and shrinked them more than most people do so they still fit into the game without Glitches.)

That's it.
Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

Check my Japanese inspired Logo edits for Gens 1-7!: