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I will do this since you helped me ^^

-Name Is: Michael
-Nicknames: Mike, Mick, Psycho
Online: PsychoKinetics, terraphobe, Terrasynthesis, Fox McCloud
Offline: Mikey
-Sex: Male
-Birthday: 22/11/92 YAY 3 Days to my Birthday <3
-Hair Color: Blond and Brown
-Eye Color: Red (because i have red contact lenses) >:]
-Height: erm Small About 4ft
-Writing Hand: Right
-Nail Biter?: Oh yes
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Yes
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: I don't know i don't smoke
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: No but i can make bubbles come out my Eyebecause i have a hole between my eye and nose (on the inside)
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?: Nope
-Tattoos? And Where: None
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?: No I barely last hours
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?: Hmm Kiwi
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical: Emotional
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Nope I barely trust anyone
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Erm... No

Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: 4
Of Hearts You Have Broken?: 0
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: 0
Of Tight Friends?: 3
Of CD's Owned?: 0
Of Scars On Your Body?: 3

I Love: D.N.Angel
I Want: More family Guy
I Have: Lots of Pokemon Games
I Wish: My Snake would wake up so i can bring him out of his little house
I Hate: Cockroaches But i live in scotland O.o
I Fear: The little girl thing from the grudge 2
I Hear: Beeps and D.N.Angel
I Ache: In my finger
I Care: For my friends
I Always: in a state of hyperness
I Dance: sometimes
I Cry: when i hurt myself
I Write: Stories :)
I Confuse: My friends
I Can Usually Be Found: In my house or at the shops

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?: No
Gang member?: Noo
Daydreamer?: yes
Alcoholic?: No
Freak?: i dunno
Brat?: Nooo But my sister is
Sarcastic?: Very
Goody-goody?: Nope
Angel?: Nope
Evil?: Very Very
Friend?: Sometimes
Shy?: No
Adventurous?: yes
Intelligent?: I should think so

Your Best Feature?: My Evil eyes
Most Annoying Thing You Do?: Annoy
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: none
Describe Yourself In One Word?: Psychotic
A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Sausages :O theyre right beside me Yum
A City You'd Like To Visit?: A city in America
A Drink You Order Most Often: Coca Cola
The Music You Prefer When Alone?: MCR FOB
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: D.N.Angel
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