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-Name Is: Danica
-Nicknames: What's this meant to be anyways?
Online: Nica, Remgoblin (Well, according to Mikami), o ruler of TCTI (those are the only recent ones I could think of)
Offline: Dunno.
-Stupid Ebil Xylophones: Don't need it. Unlike some of you. -cough- -points at a certain person who wanted to die in a sex-related incident many times in The Police-y Staff. And I'll shut up now. >_>
-Gender: Female.
-Birthday: 29/4/1992
-Hair Color: Brown
-Eye Color: Green
-Height: Something-ness.
-Writing Hand: Right.
-Nail Biter?: When I'm bored.
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?: Dunno.
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?: No.
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?: No.
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?: Probably.
-Tattoos? And Where: Nope
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?: I tried for a couple of hours, until I got bored, so no.
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?: It's some fruit.
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or physical: PHYSITAL!!! Physical and Mental.
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?: Probably.
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing: Wow, Nintendo sure is advanced now, but no.
Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?: Would this be in literal form, family form or love form? For all three, none. (As far as I know of)
Of Hearts You Have Broken?: None. (As far as I know of)
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?: The count to infinity. (Yesh, it's been tested, and proven as a drug now.)
Of Tight Friends?: Tight isn't the right word... more like, right? You just forgot a r. Anyways, I dunno.
Of CD's Owned?: Too lazy to count.
Of Scars On Your Body?: None, but I got this sore that I've had for like, six years or something.

I Love: Counting to infinity.
I Want: To re-visit the count to infinity.
I Have: A post count. And you do too after posting in this thread! Congrats.
I Wish: That Tali re-logged on and posted.
I Hate: The Police-y Staff's murderers. (They're always killing people. >_>)
I Fear: The Police-y Staff. (They ARE real, no matter what you think)
I Hear: Under my umbrella.
I Ache: Dunno.
I Care: About reaching infinity.
I Always: Do stuff. You can't forget to do stuff.
I Dance: Naw.
I Cry: Everyone does.
I Write: The Police-y Staff... and various other unfinished stories.
I Confuse: EVERYONE. Seriously, I've confused almost everyone I know at a time.
I Can Usually Be Found: In the count to infinity (But for the next few days, it's in my FC)

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?: Are you?
Gang member?: No.
Daydreamer?: Yesh. No. Yesh. No. Omg, she's returned properly. 8D -day dreaming-
Alcoholic?: No.
Freak?: Because of the count to infinity -- yesh.
Brat?: lawl, at times.
Sarcastic?: No duh.
Goody-goody?: Dunno.
Angel?: Probably.
Evil?: I can be ebil at times.
Friend?: Everyone ish a friend to someone.
Shy?: Depends around who.
Adventurous?: In The Police-y Staff...
Intelligent?: Smarter than you. -shot-

Your Best Feature?: Something.
Most Annoying Thing You Do?: Complain, talk to myself, um, continue to keep on about the count to infinity, continue to pair up people even though they'll never get paired... ect.
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?: You REALLY wanna know? Just search almost every thread I've posted in, and you'll eventually find out. XDD Hint: Start in MCG, work your way up to the DCC.
Describe Yourself In One Word?: I--forgot.
A Smell That Makes You Smile?: Smells and smiles don't mix.
A City You'd Like To Visit?: Somewhere.
A Drink You Order Most Often: I don't.
The Music You Prefer When Alone?: Sad/past-ish songs.
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?: Neighbours totally ftw.