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Quote originally posted by destinedjagold:
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btw, I can't open 'em...
Not? Weird, others could do it O_o
I really like the screenies too,did u make that tileset yourself?
Almost. Some are from FR/LG.
Quote originally posted by zel:
By the way, that Underwater Tunnel looks odd, mixing the underwater tiles with the normal tiles gives me a bad impression (like, you shouldn't be mixing tiles so drastically), it may also be that I didn't caught the idea of what you were planning there...
Everyone have problems with it xD That may be the worst of all maps, but... The idea was really simple.
Few years ago people built the tunnel going through the seafloor. Thanks to that, they could get to the other side of the land, and the same time, watch the underwater wildlife through the glass walls*. Now this tunnel became a natural habitat for pokemon.
* We can't see them, but they are there xD
Blah ;d
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