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-Name Is:Carlos
-Sex:Male (that's what I was when I last looked down... )
-Birthday:20th Feb
-Hair Color:black brownish
-Eye Color:brown
-Height:don't want to deal with measures equivalences, let's just say "not too tall"
-Writing Hand:Right
-Nail Biter?:No, gross...
-Can You Roll Your Tongue?:Muhu...
-Can You Blow Smoke Rings?:Nope, in any kind of smokes
-Can You Blow Spit Bubbles?:Ewwww... Even more gross...
-Can You Cross Your Eyes?:Don't want to try it
-Tattoos? And Where:None
-Could You Live Without Your Computer?:If I had a TV nearby, then yes
-What's Your Favorite Fruit?:Bananas
-What Pain Hurts More emotional or psychical:emo
-Do You Trust Others Too Easily?:Yes, maybe too much
-Have You Ever Played A Game That Required Removal Of Clothing:No, I'm just too shy

Of Times Your Heart Has Been Broken?:Many
Of Hearts You Have Broken?:I don't want to think I may, but perhaps 1
Of Drugs Taken Illegally?:DON'T DO DRUGS!!!
Of Tight Friends?:in real life:0
Of CD's Owned?:music:0, videogames: LOTS
Of Scars On Your Body?:0

I Love:people who are respectful, RPGs, etc
I Want:to buy FF12, even though it's not that appealing
I Have:no idea of what to put here
I Wish:Sunday would never end...
I Hate:exams
I Fear:heights, exams notes...
I Hear:something that makes some noise in my mother's fishbowl
I Ache:One of my fingers, due to a match of soccer (remember: I'm the goalkeeper)
I Care:about people who's nice to me and everyone else
I Always:have a bad humor when I wake up XD
I Cry:About certain movie scenes, and when I remember about sad stuff of my past
I Write:answers here
I Confuse:Eh?
I Can Usually Be Found:Online PC, or at my MSN, if not, studying or rom hacking

-Are You A/An:
Wuss?:If I understood the term, then "yes"
Gang member?:Nope
Alcoholic?:NO, I don't drink
Freak?:... ... ...Maybe?
Sarcastic?:Do you work for the FBI with so many questions?
Goody-goody?:Well, I try to be good with the people who's nice with me
Angel?:No one's that
Evil?:Not really
Friend?:Yes, I think I am
Shy?:Have to say that, unfortunately, yes
Adventurous?:Too lazy to be one
Intelligent?:So so

Your Best Feature?:My personality ('cause for physical stuff, then I don't have anything to be praised for)
Most Annoying Thing You Do?:Not being too clean
Biggest Mistake You've Made This Far in your life?:Letting sometimes my feelings get over my self control
Describe Yourself In One Word?:Carlos (XP)
A Smell That Makes You Smile?:I'm someone who gets attracted by visual stuff
A City You'd Like To Visit?:Anywhere out of my country is fine
A Drink You Order Most Often:7Up
The Music You Prefer When Alone?:I'm a rocking dude, but if I just want to relax, I just listen to Jamiroquai
A TV Show You Watch Regularly?:The Simpsons, never get tired of them

Yay, I finished thiz!