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Demo: Early 2008

Title screen made by OmegaGroudon

made with RPG Maker XP

Hello, I am atomic_reactor. Last summer I was playing some pokemon fan games. and some had new pokemon, so I thought to myself, "It cant be that hard to make Pokemon" after i had tried my first one i realised that with enough work i could make my own game. But eventually i realised that for right now, it would be to difficult to incorparate new pokemon into my game.
But for so long I had wished that I could make my own game(before R/S/E had ever come out) I've always thought that I had great ideas, and challenging dillemas for the game. After I stumbled across RMXP and the Pokemon Essentials, I realised that I could now make a game. So, here is my first project, Pokemon Chronicles.

Just as any other game, you wake up one day and go over to the lab and recieve a pokemon. But this lab isnt just some small chinsey lab like in Pallet and Newbark town. This is the famous lab of Professor Tamarack. Most renoun lab in the Deca islands, and through out the world. Who ever told you that the best trainers came from Pallet town? With 12 different choices of a starter Pokemon, and probably the strongest trainers in the world on the islands, theres no doubt that most of the elite four came from the Deca Islands.
At the very start of your journey you may run into Ursuring, or Beedrill, just because you just started as a trainer, dosnt mean that the wild pokemon will take it easy on you. Your going to have to have alot of Training experiece (experience at playing the games)
After you progress through the game you'll be able to venture into such regions as Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh? Sevii islands, and perhaps a few more.
Team Rocket has also returned along with Giovanni. They are much more dangerous then the previous eras. Later in the game they will hold the world at ransom with a nuclear missle! You better have a good arsenal of Pokemon.
I think thats enough for the story. Youll have to watch and play(later when a demo is released) to find out what all happens.

+ Day/Night system
+ All D/P pokemon sprites
+ More realistic story line (idk if thats really a feature)
+ New Region(s)
+ All lregions... hopefully =/
+ More to come maybe


nintendo obviously
flameguru/poccils starter kit
ow sprites from the enhanced french starter kit(i believe there also in blizzys)
Omegagroudon made the title screen
Дон Пач for the custom tilesets

New ow's are by me =)
all new ow's done so far
+Logan(male hero)
+Alexis(female hero)
+Professor Tamarack
+Professor Laqua

atomic_reactor- everything
Kingdom Hearts Maniac- spriter
Crossel- spriter
venom12- spriter and mapper
if you would like to join the team, please PM me

Part Time
MR. GLITCH KING- mapper and music





replace all the "{" with "[" and same for the other sides.

element ones by OmegaGroudon
poketrainer one by MR. GLITCH KING