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Oy, here I bring a new chapter!

I was originally going to wait until I finish with my finals, but decided to post this at midnight before I go to sleep for a couple of reasons. I will be busy with work and also going to focus on this little four week competition at another forum (won’t say much about it because of spam). Okay, enough of me talking. Here is the new chapter! And oh, thanks to Hanako Tabris for betaing this chapter! Thankies! ^_^

Chapter Three
Cold Feelings

That night Bunny was staying in her hotel room. Balin was on the bed while she was talking on her cell phone. The Ninetales began watching a commercial of PokeChow, his nine tails wagging in swift motion.

"PokeChow…now with twenty percent more meat inside!"

Balin bounced up and down and then yelled, "Nine, nine!"

"Balin! Keep quiet! On the phone right now!"

That made the Pokemon quiet down. He turned back to the television with a sly smile on his face. Bunny’s eyes stared at the walls while listening to the caller. One sniff of the vanilla scented candle on top of the drawer made her sigh quietly in a happy tone.

"Oh, that’s great, Bunny! Glad you had fun."

"Yeah. Too bad you could not have made it to the fair, Mrs. Davis."

"I know. Just a couple of hours ago I came back from my cousin’s wedding. Maybe one day a couple of my Pokemon can go against yours."

Bunny giggled and then answered, "Yeah, that would be great. Well, see you soon."

"Can’t wait. Bye, Bunny."

Bunny hung up on her cell phone, put it on the small desk beside the window, and fell onto the bed. Her hands ruffled Balin’s fur.

"Excited to go back home, boy?"

"Tales!" the Ninetales cheered.

"Good. Now, remember to behave, all right?"

The Ninetales nodded and then cried "Tales" cheerfully again.

After Bunny chuckled, she turned off the television and then both were getting ready to sleep. The two were not able to shut their eyes though when they heard loud banging noises coming from the door.

"What?" Bunny complained while Balin tilted his head.

The woman quickly grabbed a bathrobe to cover her nightgown and then opened the door. She gasped when she saw two police officers, a male and female.

"Um…can I help you?"

Her heart began beating quickly. Part of Bunny told her the reason why the officers came.

If it is about that noise disturbance, it is from that man a few doors down that is watching football.

"Are you Bunny Spruce?" asked the male officer.

Bunny just nodded, but her eyes began blinking quickly. Each second her heart pounded faster and faster.

Is it something serious?

"Well, this is Officer Jenny here and I’m Officer Timmy. We got a few questions of the death of Ernest Norrison and also we would like you to come with us at to crime scene."

Confusion struck her mind. The male officer’s words were just scattered puzzles to Bunny.

Questions. Death of Ernest Norrison. Crime scene. Why am I being involved in all of this?

After Bunny shook her head and opened her eyes bigger, she only managed to answer, "What?"

"There are some things at the crime scene that maybe you can help us with. It won’t take long."

At first Bunny wanted to tell them to get out, but she did not want to be rude. Besides, they are the police. Not only that, that name actually rang a bell to her, but very softly.

Ernest Norrison. Heard that name before. Hm…maybe this could be my chance to see if I can remember that guy.

Even though it was weird of her to accept the police’s invitation to solve their case, the archeologist liked to explore new things. Wanting to know more about Ernest was like a couple of her archeological trips. She faintly heard about artifacts from books and documentaries but then found out more about them each time she dug a scoop of sand from the spot where they were hidden.

Bunny sighed in relief, knowing she made her decision. Balin’s ears twitched when he heard that, and was not sure what kind of emotion was brought out, a happy or sad one.

"Okay, I will tag along. Let me change first."

The two nodded and then Bunny went to grab a couple of clothes from the drawer. She then went inside the bathroom, Balin following behind. Before the woman closed the door though, she stared at Officer Jenny. Something about that woman made Bunny take an interest in her.

She had not said a word yet.

When she brushed off that thought, Bunny closed the door.


I don't know why, but something is not right.

The winds blew violently on Route 209, the waters rippling and the trees shaking. The Pokemon under the grass covered themselves their heads, hoping to not fly away. The only thing that did not move or take cover was a five story stone building.

Up on the fifth floor of the Lost Tower, a white haired woman took out the glasses from her beady gray eyes and used the top part of her dress to clean it. After she finished cleaning them, the woman, Brenda, put them back on and saw a black colored ghost with hints of violet on the bottom tips of its hair. The Misdreavus’s red necklace on its neck gave off a faded glow.

"Misdreavus!" the ghost Pokemon cheered to the old woman. Brenda turned around and smiled.

"Hi, Misdreavus. Can’t seem to sleep again."

Something on the woman’s mind made her shiver, but she did not want to say it to her Pokemon. She always hated to see the Misdreavus being worried. Thinking about that had her hands quivering.

I can feel it, hundreds of miles away.

Brenda sighed and then stared at a huge statue in front of her. Its tiny eyes made the two shuddered. Misdreavus squeaked and then went behind Brenda. Compared to its petite wings, the armless Dragon Pokemon’s six legs were much thicker. Underneath was the writing of its legend:

Giratina, the Legendary Pokemon of Sinnoh
Believed to live in another world and wander around in cemeteries
Thought to cause death to Sinnoh humans and Pokemon

In an instant, Brenda felt something weird inside her body. She really could not explain what kind of feeling it was. It was more like of rain and snow clashing together, if that was possible. Even though she could not explain it, Brenda knew what it meant and gasped.

Something is definitely wrong.

After looking at the statue for a while, Brenda turned around to face her Misdreavus. The ghost Pokemon could tell from the look on the woman’s newly pale shaded face that something was wrong.

"Mis?" the Pokemon asked with her mouth in a frown.

"I feel…something isn’t right here. The sprits are mad."


Bunny was in the backseat of the police car. The leather seats and Balin on her lap made her body sweat. While the car drove slowly, she saw a few drunken men run away behind a liquor building, one male police officer running after them. The lady sighed with her eyes closed.


"So Bunny, ever met Ernest before?" asked Timmy.

"Huh?" Bunny asked, now paying attention to what the police were going to say.

"I said, have you ever met Ernest before. Or at least, heard of his name?"

The bells rang softly again. Once more, Bunny wondered where she heard that name.

Ernest, Ernest, Ernest…Sounds familiar. Have I met him before?

She thought hard of all the historians, archeologists, mythologists, and any other person who worked in a profession related to history. Besides, it was weird to her that she was in question for someone she was not too familiar with. The memory suddenly struck her mind and then Bunny grinned in victory.

"Wait, I think so," Bunny answered after she snapped her fingers. "He’s a friend of my Sinnoh Pokemon History professor, Mr. Alexison. My professor invited me to see him a few times for a cup of tea, quite a nice and witty guy. The last time I met Ernest was a few days before graduation, which was four years ago."

For some reason, the thought of not having seen Ernest since four years ago made Bunny twitch.

"Kept in touch with your professor a lot? Also, what kind of profession does Ernest work in?" asked the male police officer.

"Yeah, once every while. Had not talked to him in a few months though because of our busy schedule. And for your other question, I think he was a Pokemon archeologist like my professor. Mr. Alexison said that there were some projects the two did together."

After that, there was silence on the rest of the way. During the silence, Bunny could not help but notice the female officer’s quietness again. She let herself think while petting Balin, who slept ever since they entered the car.

For some reason, that police woman is quiet. I wonder why.


Canalave City, the port city with many sailors and sea loving people living there. The sea flowed soothingly, a few Wingulls just trying to catch some fish. Hundreds of boats parked next to the wooden ports. The small city was empty except for a few sailors cleaning or getting ready their boats.

A small flash of rainbows instantaneously appeared. The glow later faded and revealed Jacob and a skinny, tall bird Pokemon that used the Teleport technique. The Pokemon folded its white wings against its green body.

"Xatu!" the psychic Pokemon screeched.

"Come on, let’s go to the inn!"

Jacob and the rounded face bird Pokemon turned around and saw a stone building with a statue of a Wailmer on top of the roof. A sign was on top of the building with the words "Harbor Inn" in medieval writing. In great haste, the two went inside that inn.


Bunny, Balin, and the two police officers went inside the museum. Both Bunny and her Pokemon felt a cold sensation inside their hearts. The woman rubbed her arms to keep herself warm while Balin used his tails.

"Tales," Balin muttered softly. His shoulders began to tremble.

"I know Balin, I am scared too," Bunny whispered. Despite smiling, her shoulders shook too.

The two walked slowly behind the officers. They could not help themselves but take a peek at the artifacts and the paintings. Balin smiled while Bunny gasped. The woman’s eyes became wide and glittered the same way some artifacts were.

Man, many beautiful artifacts and so much history behind it. No wonder I became an archeologist.

Before Bunny knew it, she was upstairs and saw her Pokemon and the police officers in a circle. The young woman craned her neck but was not able to see what they were looking at, though she got an idea of what it could be.

Dead body?

That thought made Bunny squeak and her shoulders shuttered. Despite that, she moved closer and when she was next to Balin, she sighed in relief but then instantly got confused.

There was nothing. At least, at first.

Good, there is no dead body…but why are we looking at the floor?

Bunny turned around when she felt a tap on the shoulder and saw Officer Timmy with a nightlight.

"Have a look."

Even though Bunny had an uneasy feeling about this, she just grabbed the nightlight and then turned it on. A flash of purple lit up the ground. Bunny moved the light upwards and then stopped at the writing:

Check out the Lapras

At first, Bunny did not take those words seriously and shook her head. She just assumed it was a logical thought.

Probably wanted "E" to check out some Lapras.

That was when she knew something was not right there. One of her eyes went wide.

Hold on…why would he leave a message here, during closing time?

"Hey Bunny, are you going to hunt down Lapras anytime soon?" Officer Timmy asked with a chuckle.

Bunny turned around and stared at Timmy with wide eyes and mouth open.

"No. Why you ask that?"

"Just wondering," the male officer answered causally.

Balin growled softly, already knowing there was something up. Bunny glanced at her Pokemon and nodded, agreeing with him. Luckily the officer did not hear it, busy looking at his watch.

Something is fishy here. Maybe it’s just a guy thing, to hunt.

"Well, I’ll right back. I’ve an important phone call to attend to. Jenny, watch over her." He got up and then went down the stairs.

Bunny turned around to look at the words again. She now felt that there was some meaning behind the words.

E. Check out the Lapras. Hm…maybe my first guess is wrong.

"I actually know why Officer Timmy asked that."

That actually scared Bunny to death. Half of her body rose up and she screamed so loud a few of the items quivered. Her heart began pumping quickly. When she turned around, she saw both Officer Jenny and Balin laughing.

Okay…Officer Jenny not able to talk is out of the question, she thought sourly.

"Sorry, Bunny. I always get kicks out of people being scared in the right opportunity."

"Well, maybe it is because this is the first time ever that I heard you talk."

Balin had stopped laughing and then nodded. Officer Jenny did that too but her huge smile turned to a frown.

"Okay, I know you are confused as to why you’re here. Long story short, you’re actually going to jail."


Yeah once again, the ending scene is similar to Da Vinci Code. As to how the next few scenes will be…to tell you the truth, there are some that are almost like that novel and some that I make my own twist. ;)

Now, for the differences:
-On the hotel scene, I had Bunny wondering about Jenny’s quietness.
-I don’t actually remember if the main character Ron and the dead victim from Da Vinci Code knew each other very well, but in this one I have Bunny met Ernest a couple times before…which will be important later on this story. ;)

I think that’s all I can think about at the moment.

Well, sorry if this chapter isn’t much. This is to get the main action warm up. ^^ Also, about Brenda, she is loosely based on one of the old woman in the Lost Tower in the D/P games. She’s really fun to write about. XD

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it. Chapter Four shall come in January. Will do trailer later…right now it’s almost one o’ clock in the morning and I’m tired (dang finals coming up >.>).

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