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Sigh... So... Many... Posts... Cannot breath... Eyes... Hurt... O.o

Oh well, I will repeat it once more AVOID THE BUGS REPORTS, I know you people are anxious and that, but, since I will ignore them and by the time I post my own list, I'll probably lose your posts, then avoid posting them. Please... OK?

Originally Posted by Team Chill Commander X View Post
oh yah if you got time their are a few things i'd like to ask you. Mostly it will just help me get this walkthrough done quicker. (I've found some stuff on some maps that i would like to know about since its giving me numerous headaches while trying to get them ready to use for the walkthrough)
Sure thing, whenever you have something to ask me, just PM me ('cause maybe it could be stuff that wouldn't be convenient to ask me posting on the thread)

Originally Posted by DarthSenorQueso View Post
The new music is a little fuzzy.
I warned everyone! Dont play it on full volume, I'm still not used to changing BGMs... I'll improve with the time

Originally Posted by DarthSenorQueso View Post
No he didn't but at level ten my name is gol and my totodile won't obey maybe change the name..
Well, I really dont know what could be the cause for this. The "sudden name change" and the "all my TMs dissappeared" are the two biggest mysteries in the game... Really dont know, may be anything...

Originally Posted by Maxim2 View Post
Well, as Went stated, it was a little strange that you had the same name as "the real" Maxim, so, maybe I should PM him about what he thinks about you. Because back then, he did the exact same thing, which is kinda surprising (and it'd be weird if it were him again, because we sorted our differences and even though he may not exactly support them, he understood that my hack's idea is not to strictly copy every aspect of the original Gold... That'd be pretty boring, and, as Sonny X said if you so much want to play Pokemon Gold without changes, the best bet is to play it on your Gameboy Color )
By the way, as they were just saying, dont expect Nintendo to give a 100% exact remake if they get to release a remake of Gold for the DS...

But, don't worry. I'll change my attitude, unlike that time, and I'll only reply that if you think this hack is not filling your expectatives, then search others, because, none of your critics will bring, unfortunately since I'm a stubborn person, any changes into Shiny Gold in the future. But still, at least I appreciate that you dedicated some time to write all that (even if a big part was just a copy of the real Maxim's post)

Originally Posted by thethethethe View Post
And Zel, I'm only just started B5, but from what I've seen so far, I just love the new tileset. The little imperfections on the ground were perfect.
Well, I hopefully expect for the next Beta to start applying all the new knowledge and maybe the upcoming tools to perfectionate my scripts (I think everyone wants that, even me :D), so as I always like to say: "there's always room for improvment"

OK people, I suggest you all to calm down a little, if you want me to keep track of your posts (again, avoid the bugs posts... gimme time to update my really old first post!)

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