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Quote originally posted by Kaitsu-Gohan:
Zel did state that this is not just a Gold remake. So I don't think that would be change.

If it were just a remake. Then might as well go play G/S on the Gameboy Color, rather than playing this.

Know what I mean?

Zel's answer may be different, but that's what I think.
zel has changed the evolutions of POKéMON's that requires trading.

Quote originally posted by thungyx:
whr is the beta 5 walk through can anyone tell me plz tq to those hu reply tqtq

is this the last beta or latest

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Quote originally posted by 747Jason747:
Hey Zel Great hack I have been playing since beta 2,just keeps getting beter and beter. Cool just found a Shiny Linoone in Safari zone
Anyone else Find any Shinys execpt The Gyarados in Johto.
Wow! Nice! You're lucky!

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