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Quote originally posted by Eternal Smasher:
I'm a bit nervous about this, actually.
I've had some experence with the infraction system at other forums, and it's a bit painful to go to your CP and see all your wrong doings staring at you. D:
(I know you can hide the list, though)
I liked the old system better, but I suppose it's for the best.

Anyways, I have a question.
Can you see warning cards on other member's posts?
Well, with any luck you won't be getting any infractions. :x Just be sure to follow the rules and you won't have any staring at you. XD;;

Quote originally posted by Mismaguis:
Yea.. i get it.. i've seen this at other forums.. This dude got like 10 infractions in a day >.<

Will there be like the opposite? Like a reward system?

Like Reputation that i've seen at other vBulliten Forums
PC had the reputation system enabled years ago, but it was abused so horribly that it was eventually disabled. People have brought up bringing reputation back, but it's never gone anywhere.

If you feel strongly about wanting it back, you could try posting a thread in the CQ&F about it (at any rate, this thread isn't the place for it).

EDIT: Fixed a funny typo. I meant "reputation back", not infractions. XD;;;
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