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Originally Posted by Went View Post
I must say that I prefer this system because you can redeem yourself from your past infractions, as oppsed as before ^_^

A question: if you get three points for spamming, and then you are punished for anything else (let's say: breaking the character rule), they also are added to the total (Say: 3 months for spamming and two weeks for breaking the character rule = 3 months and 2 weeks and then you lose all the five points), or they expire independiently because they are different infractions (past two weeks you lose the points for the character rule and past 3 months you lose the points for spamming)?
The infractions expire separately, the times aren't added together. So your three months for spamming would be separate from your two weeks for bypassing the character limit, and as each expires, the points given for each specific infraction expire for it only.
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