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Quote originally posted by Hiroshi Sotomura:
Users will see their own warnings if they have any at the moment. The infractions system will only be set into effect for users with warnings if they need to be infracted: If you have one warning on the old system and we need to infract you, you will receive an infraction representing your old warning and an infraction for the offence you've just committed. Your usernotes will also be removed if that's the case.

So until you do something wrong, you won't notice a thing.
In other words, my warning for flipping out at criticism from years ago and my more recent warning for flaming and flame-baiting are to be considered null and void? Or are they to be considered yellow cards?

Either way, I think the user notes should be either removed or replaced with yellow/red cards, so as to be consistent.

Quote originally posted by Eternal Smasher:
Anyways, I have a question.
Can you see warning cards on other member's posts?
Also, this question was missed.
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Quote originally posted by Maddy:
Waker, that is an EXCELLENT explanation. Kudos to you, for writing something like that. I'm sure we are now all a little bit smarter with our Pokemon knowledge. Thanks very much for clearing up a lot of confusion.
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