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Quote originally posted by wizzard:
if you will show the mystery egg prof. elm go back of him and when he go back he stand on you!

Quote originally posted by DarthSenorQueso:
I have a bug where icant look at my tm bag it looke all glitch then in my normal bag it has ?????? and?43n master balls when i go out it transports me int a glitchy place a all water and slightly dark place or my screen goes black....
So you had the "Name change" glitch and problems with the bag... Try another rom, I think that's the main cause.

Quote originally posted by avion48:
Is Mudkip supposed to be that rare?
I am in the Union Cave and I battled around 60 pokemon and still no Mudkip.
In the last beta I found Mudkip as the first pokemon in the Union Cave.
Yes, it's supposed to be that rare, don't worry. It's just that you were luckier last time.