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Quote originally posted by cgnius:
Hey Zel, I'm midway through the X version of the beta and I noticed that you can't fly to the lake of rage. I guess it would be tough to implement, but in the original I think you could Fly to the lake of Rage.
There aren't enough fly posts available. That's why, as example, you can't fly to Cherrygrove or Lavender.

Quote originally posted by jojaekyung:
Can anyone help me? I have just started on Shinygold X beta 5. and im at the powerplant by the cerulean city. when i enter the gym theres no one there and as i remembered in beta 4 there was a rocket but he wasnt here anymore. the machine part isnt there either. plz help me.. I use a clean fire red ROM and using vba(the newest edition) to play this game.
You need to go first to the Power Plant, and then the rocket will appear.

Quote originally posted by carter756978:
When your in jasmines gym (after youve got the secret potion for ampharos) carlos talks to you and says youve already got 5 badges when youve only got 4

Quote originally posted by axlefoley:
In lavender town there is a girl above Mr. Fuji's Funeral house thing that resembles wathisface's niece but when I talked to her the game froze and sucked to coz I had forgot to save (I usually save before every town just in case) but I think the last time I saved was just after I got the GS ball :s

could someone lend me a save from just before you hit lavender town please?
Known. You entered Lavender by the south route, right?

Quote originally posted by trainer lupe:
the beta ends in fuschia right so does that mean that we cant get back the pokemon that the rockets stole?sorry if it has been asked,oh and by the way zel can you give us a hint on how to catch jiracji?
¬_¬ Keep searching in both questions. There are ways to get everything if you investigate a little.