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i do have a clean rom, i had no problem using the version 4 patch but now using the version 5 patch this happens.......and i didn't patch it over the version 4 patch either, i patched it over a clean firered version........

and just then i tried starting a new game, i opened up the menu and see nothing, this is weird......

and wat do i do with the X patch? Do u guys have any problems with it? Did u patch it over a clean version or patch it over the version 5 one like an update? Cuz i tried both and only the X patch gives me the problem with the lvl 50 mobs at Route 27 i think, the bit just after u fight Amelia and get out the jhoto fall cave.......cuz normally the mobs there should be lvl 35, not the wild ones but the ones from the trainers........this doesn't happen if i just use the Version5 patch tho, but if i use the X patch, either overpatch version 5 or patched it on a clean version of firered, the same problem occurs.
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