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Quote originally posted by cgnius:
Hey Zel. I just wanted t let you know that, after you beat the mahogany gym, and you exit it, if you fly away without taking a further step (like I did) you won't get the pokebeeper message from Prof. Elm about Team Rocket. It took me a while to work out why the Rockets weren't in Goldenrod, so I flew back to mahogany and stepped on the relevant tile. I'm guessing you can't sort this, but you should let people know about it in the first post in case they ask why the Rockets aren't in goldenrod after getting the 7th badge
This bug is known, and this problem also happens in Olivine and Cianwood. Zel said that he's not going to fix it until he starts working on level scripts for all the events like these (such as the master ball call, the various events in Kanto, etc.). Wait until he posts the bug list before submitting any, please.