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Sure thing. Here is some other stuff.

Hierarchy of Team Nova
BAL- Brad Matthews, Leader of Nova, Codename Baphomet
Ninetales- Lupin, Elite Admin 1
Matt Renders by TDB_Leader- Elite Grunt
MatterX- Elite Grunt
Colonel Dash's Char-

Here is a special report that will part of my 1st post in the RP- starting as soon as I start it. Note: Any one below Elite Admin in Nova should disregard this- it don't apply to them. ATTENTION: DON"T READ IT EITHER< LEGENDS RP"ERS> ONLY ME, NINETALES, and ANY OTHER FUTURE ADMINS shall read it. Thank you.



Revealed Legends

Glaciatrum- An Ice Pokemon- incredibly elusive, hard to find- Lupin will find this one.

Toxidacia- Posion Pokemon- reckless, easy to find- will be found soon. Person on assignment is UbeROB. (ROBOT)

According to this, these two legendaries will be our first targets. From our scouts, we see that they are opposites, and are lesser legends. Therefore, they might be weaker- a test for us, rather, Lupin, to see how powerful they6 are. Then, we wuill fan out, catch the others, including the ones found in the other reports, and catch them. After this, we will conquer this continet, leave Lupin as governor, and Leader shall go off with the new legendaries to take all the other legendaries by force, and bring back all the new species for testing. Then, with all living legendaries found, Arceus and Mew will be caught, and with their power, Nova shall reshape the continents, the universe, life itself in with our vision in mind. HAIL NOVA!!!

Here are meh newest sign-ups- another legend that will not be seen much (POSSIBLY CAPTURED??!?!?!!), and amybe a third legend.

Name: Darthpsych
Gender: None
Description: This is a floating humanoid, covered in armor. The armor is black, and this figure, approximately 8’4”, has Darth Vader-esque armor- without the breathing system. Its hands, infinitely extendable, are made of a red aura of psychic energy. It has no legs, proving it is a ghost. It is the Pokemon of death.
Personality: It is like an emotionless form, cold, heartless, calm, and monotone. It is distant from all others, but it is not evil. It only fights when it must, but it fights with a cold, calculating manner- efficiently wiping the enemy out before the battle takes to long. It obeys orders well, and its type combo is especially convenient. The fact that Nova knows of it makes it even worse- with a loyal soldier, they could conquer the continents much easier and quicker. It was made with one goal- quick elimination of foes so that it can protect others its with. Despite its cold personality, it sometimes breaks form, and socializes. Most of the time, it is with his good friend, Apocalydraggon.
Types: Thanks to his ability, the Supernatural ability, it is Psychic, Ghost and Dark.

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