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Originally Posted by Name View Post
I understand the system entirely, but the table seems to have left out some rules such as discussing a member's ban and swearing/censor bypassing, unless those are counted as SPAM
Censor bypassing is in the chart. o.o Worth one point, lasts four months.

As for discussing a member's ban, that in its self isn't against the rules (don't take that the wrong way. :P By that I mean, if you were PMing or mention it casually in DCC or something.. *scratches head*), but asking for information about it from the staff IS against the rules. If you were to go post a thread in CQ&F about a member's ban, it'd get closed and you'd probably get a telling-off by the person who closes it, and that'd probably be the end of it if you let it go.

If you were to go and make ten threads about it after your first got closed, you'd probably get a SPAM infraction for it, yeah. (Also, Name, know that I'm not targeting you in specific. XD I mean in the broader "you" sense.)
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