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may i reserve a spot i will finish my sign up soon
also what is a release
Name: Keiko Zema Hiruma
Nick Name: Kenny
Height: 5'3
Weight: 90'Ilbs
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Demon or Cursed Seal: Curse Seal Of Heaven
Birth Country: Fire
Village: Leaf
Release: three and one is your village release
Secondary Weapons: 15 kunai,5 shuriken, 1 windmill shuriken, 20 feet of copper wire, and a bottle of oil
Primary Weapon: A wooden katana.
Personality: Keiko, or Kenny as he prefers to be called is usually nice sweet, although he is usually scolded for being playful.He is nice and sweet ,though mad when people call him Keiko, as it is too traditional for him. If he is angry he will be dangerous.
Bloodlimit: Keckrogan, which lets the user manipulate fire and Electricity. Its user mostly exel in these types of chakra to increase the fire and electricity stronger.
5 NinJutsu: Fire Style: Hell Flame Jutsu- Oil comes from hell, keiko then puts the oil in his mouth and uses Fire Style
Dragon Flame Jutsu.
5 TaiJutsu:
5 Genjutsu: