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Name: Kenkaku Satsugai
Nick Name: Dash
Weight: 150
Age: 35
Gender: male
Rank: Hokage
Demon or Cursed Seal:
four tailed wolf
Birth Country
: fire
Village: leaf
Release: all because of bloodlimit
Secondary Weapons
: Sebon, Knuckle knives, ninja wire, windmill shurkien,
Primary Weapon: gullotine sword
Personality: His strong, unshakable confidence, analytical skill, and cautious nature. He is sadistic when some is trying to attack his friends and family. He never gives up and he is alway training, because he wants to be the clan leader one day. He is always looking out for his friends and family. He is always in a good mood unless you mess with him or his friends and family. Some people think he is a monster, because the way he gets in combat sometimes he takes things to far.
Appearance: Kenkaku has long blone hair. It pass his chin, but for most part it is under his black bandana. His leaf symbol is located at the front of his bandana. He wears a faded green jacket. It was his fathers so thats why it is faded. He wears a black shirt underneath the jacket, there is also a silver piece located at his neck.

His shirt is long sleeve, which goes well with the jacket. He wears white bandages that wrap around his wrist, that go to his elbow. He has faded green gloves that have silver pieces on them. He has black paint under his eyes

He wears black pants, that go to his ankle. He weres white bangages over them, that go up to his knees. Kenkaku ususally has he black peice of cloth that covers his face, but sometimes leaves it down.
Bloodlimit: Element Manuplation and born with anthiem posion in his body
5 NinJutsu: Posion Claw, earth spike, chidori, dual chidori combo, flame chasm

5 TaiJutsu:
Dash style taijutsu, flying swallow, lion barrage, pergine falcon drop, primary lotus
5 Genjutsu: earth shatter, bringer of darkness, fasle place, votrex of death, hearing control

Decades ago, there was a huge war, this war wasn't in the great shinobi nations, but far to the south, the war had been going on for a long time, innocent where being slaughtered before the eyes of there families, young, old, didn't matter, they all fell because of the blades, a small village was left mostly untouched, but they knew that the war was going to reach them soon, that's when the five best ninja decided to do something about it, they had a hidden library and searched through it for a way to end the war, that's when they found a scroll telling how to open a gateway to the realm of thunder, they set up what they needed and summoned a creature of thunder, it entered and looked at them all, freezing them where they sat, then it spoke, a sound like a low grumble," why have I been summoned, by mortals so less, his eyes spoke clearly, saying this had better be good

on of the ninja cleared his head and spoke, "we wish for power to defend ourselves, can you grant it. The five ninja agreed, knowing that this price was nothing compared to what could happen, the thunder creature each flashed them an evil smile before forcing thunder into each of them, along with the knowledge needed to control it, he steps back through the portal and it closes with a snap.

A week later, they are on a hill watching a battle play out below them, they nod to each other and join, attacking both sides, killing many, as much as the sides tried, they couldn't touch the five ninja, and were crushed easily, the ninja, seeing that they have hope, continued like this, killing anyone who dare to fight, they showed no mercy at all, but never attacked a town, soon, a meeting was called, the war needed to be stopped, they were losing too many people to these five unknown ninja, for they had abilities never before seen and no knowledge on how to stop, the ninja, seeing that there job was down, went back to there home town and settled down, living there life, all of them had children, and all of the children showed that they could also control thunder, the five ninja smiled at that, knowing that the land would stay protected by there children, so they taught them what they knew, and before anyone knew it, the time was up, on that night, screams could be heard from the homes of the ninja, nobody dared to go to them. But some how the five ninja and children survived. He is the descendent of one of the childrens children.
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