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Help Thread

If you need help in Pokemon Shiny Gold, feel free to post a question and someone hopefully have an answer. This is not the place to report Bugs. Zel, if you want this gone send me a message and I'll shut It down.

Notice: No discussing or asking questions related to Jirachi. Orders From Zel.

Notice: You MUST put your answers in spoiler tags.

[spoiler*]remove *[/spoiler*]
Starter Spoilers

Mudkip: Union cave, first floor, walking or surfing.

Charmander: Goldenrod City Game Corner, 2100 coins.

Treecko: Go to the hole in the rails in National Park. You will see two paths. Go to the rigth, near the East door. You will see a path between the trees. Enter and beat the trainer.

Squirtle: In New Bark Town, surf in the little part of the water route. If you go to the next route, you won't find it.

Torchic: Go to Lavander Town and to the South. You will see another path between the trees which leads to a cave with a guy who gives you an egg. In that cave, you will find wild Torchics. The egg has a random baby poke.

Bulbasaur: Go to the grass zone (Area 3) in the Safari Zone. It's wild there.

Legends and Rares Spoilers
Ho-oh: Beat the Rocket leader in the Radio Tower and the real director wil give you a Rainbow Wing. Now go to Tin Tower in Ecutreak City. It's in the top floor, in level 40, and has Sacred Ash equipped.

Celebi: Get the GS Ball in your trip to Kanto. Beat L.T Surge (Vermillion) and Sabrina (Saffron). Now call Prof Elm from a Phone Booth and go to Vermillion to take the ship to Johto. Talk to Prof Elm in New Bark, and then go to Azalea Town and talk to Kurt. Walk a little, and he will give you back the GS Ball. Now go to the Ilex Forest. It's in level 30.

Raikou, Suicune, Entei: Go to Burned Tower in Ecutreak and fall on the basement floor from a hole. When they have awakened, they will be around all Johto. It's just luck.

Lapras: Can be found in the Union Cave. Not as a wild Pokémon you could encouter, but as a Lapras-sprite on the water.
Enter the Cave from the south. Go left where you can Surf on the water. Take the stairs to get 1 floor lower. Surf to the right and get to another stairs to get 1 floor lower. Get to the water nearby and Surf on it. Keep going south and you'll see the Lapras.

Bagon: Game Corner Prize

Jirachi: No discussing or asking a question related to Jirachi. Orders From Zel.

If I can get a list from someone I will list common questions here. I'll also add it if I see them a few times.

Common Questions *Possible Spoilers*

Whirlpool Trick House


"Highlighted S"

Monica: Go to the water West of the Bellsprout tower at Violet City. Surf here and you'll see where Monica is located.
Tuscany: Get to Goldenrod City. Go the place where you can find Bill's house. Tuscany is located at the Northside of Bill's house.
Wesley: He is in fact in Lake of Rage, but quite well hidden.

Arthur: He's under the row of headbutt trees in Route 38.
Frieda: She is in the area of Ilex Forest in which the Farfetch'd puzzle was.
Santos: He is by the burned tower.

Zel- Making Shiny Gold
Went- Starters, Dogs, Celebi, Ho-oh, Locations/Whirl Pool Trick house
Batonelli- Lapras, Monica, Tuscany, Location
Giovanni Boss- Bagon Location
Gleipnir- Wesley, Tuscany, Freida Locations
Shinygoldash- Santos Locaion

Here is an excerpt from the Shiny Gold's thread.


I'll post any walkthrough (or pics, or whatever helps to avoid getting questions about the current releases gameplay) you want to do
on the game (being it about the whole game or specific parts), since I don't want an "Official" guide, anyone can make his/her own

Guides for the Original Gold game at Gamefaqs:
Guide to dirk123's walkthrough (with edits by CrisG14:
Site with Barker's walkthrough:
Post with the solution to Farfetch's puzzle (by Shurikenway):
Or, try with this video JoyRide made: