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I traded my Firered pokemon to Emerald and Back
-My lv 64 Haunter Evolved to Gengar
-My lv 78 Haunter Evolved to Gengar
-My lv 52 Gravaler Evolved to Golem

Beat the 6th and 7th Gym leader
Found shiny duskull :D Another Shiny to my collection
My shiny abra turned into Shiny Alakazam :D
Tried to duplicate my pokemon in emerald ;D

Saved and turn off. yea...
Looking for people to join Pokemon Frontier!
Visit this page for more info!

Pokemon Frontier is where you challenge people who are gym leaders and defeat them to earn badges. After certain amount of badges, you can qualify for the elite four and possibility become the champion of Pokemon Frontier. Visit the link for more information!!


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