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Originally Posted by Miss Raichu View Post
You have the right idea for all of these things! I'm so glad you know exactly what I want Sarah to be like. You where the perfect person to cast for Sarah! And Vileplume is a thousand times better then Bellossom. And I love Bellossom, so that's saying something about Vileplume.

Oh yes and everyone get ready!~ I spent my entire day at work writing up the extreme plot-twisting post! Dun dun dunnn... So as soon as oni posts I'll post it ;3
Okay, seeing as Kat could get her Pokemon, I'll list the ones I wish to capture, for your judgement.

There are stories behind all, which I'll probably tell tommorow in greater detail.

So, Houndour: Porbably because he's the top dog, like Nathaniel.

Cubone: 'Cause he's mandatory. (First catch, of course).

Elekid: Mainly because I've never RPed with one before.

Eevee: Because that way, the evoution could be anything, which means that Nathaniel would have the element of surprise that he may need for this plot twist of yours.

And last but not least: Misdrevious, just to add a touch of legendend to it.

Your judgement.
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