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Marik somone says that your signup was from Pokedream. If thats the case, i Can not accept your signup...

for the current RPers, I'm going to start drawing up who is fighting first and what you'll be tested against... If you have any preference on what you would like to fight, PM it to me soon.

*The test matchups are as follows*

1. Taide Moruko - Charizard
2. Reina Oosaki - Venusaur
3. Ringo Murakage - Kabutops
4. Maria Yatokimo - Garchomp
5. Takuya Miyamoto - Salamence
6. Derek Hightower - Tyranitar
7. Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri IV - Aerodactyl

Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3