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Originally Posted by PlasticPokeball View Post
Hey thanks for the tutorial, but I'm having a few issues with the give Pokemon script.

I don't know. I copied your script with the Eevee and it worked. But when I changed its level to 20 it appeared as 32 in the game. I also tried with a Snorlax and it worked, but I made a script for it to be level 25 and it ended it up being level 37.

Is there a reason for this 12 level difference?
That because they're in hex.
givepokemon 0x85 0x20 0x0 - Is the same as - Givepokemon (Eevee) (Level 32) (No item)
givepokemon 133 20 0 - is the same as - givepokemon (Eevee) (Level 20) (No item)

If the number has a "0x" in front of it, it's in hexadecimal(eg. 0x14). The great thing about Pokescript, you can just use a decimal Number(eg. 20)