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Quote originally posted by Bonzai-Cat:
What Do you plan to do about the Fish poke'mon like Goldeen and Magikarp?
are you only gonna let them fight in only some water terrain or are you gonna make everthing trippy by having them be able to fight on land?
That is a tricky decision to come to. Do i let any pokemon fight in any terrain or only one's it is "possible" to fight in. You cant expect a water pokemon to fight in dry terrain, but they did that in Pokémon Stadium 1&2 >> so maybe it is feasible.

Affecting the environment is pretty difficult but it depends on the move. Attacks like sandstorm and rain dance are pretty much basic particle effects. As for attacks like earthquake, waterfall and surf are hard as water is hard to fake alone > but flowing water!!!

I'll have a think about how i can do this and maybe create some videos of the moves...

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