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Originally Posted by NIN View Post
My friend said after the boat leaves you can see mew in the water.
And in fr/lg only a hidden lava cookie is there.
Is there going to be glitch city there also?
Well the one with Mew in the water probably won't be done, since the Truck way is more popular.

And yes, we are going to try our best to include Glitch City.

Originally Posted by Virtual Chatot View Post
Pyro, you are so freakin' Brilliant ;3

I love what you've done, and I can't wait to obsess play!
Haha, I love you too XD

But you can't forget Mateo, he's done a lot of major work on this Without him, there probably wouldn't be this much done.

Originally Posted by Kai. View Post
Really cool. Good luck with this! I like the everything's changed part

Originally Posted by itman1234 View Post
how about the secret in Red where you to that glitch to get mew? And how about the missingno one? I know they are glitches, but you can insert them as secrets if you want?
Well, that Mew glitch was a glitch within the Red coding, to replicate that would be extremely hard, that's something maybe CBM or Mr. Mustard could pull off

And the MissingNo. glitch? Well, I think that may be possible, Mateo was talking to me about it saying he could do it and I think he's been working on it, but we're going to wait till we hit Cinnabar Island to try that.
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