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Originally Posted by Shadowz View Post
Whooo, great hack Skeetendo, i love the Graphics and new additions. Well done!
Seemed to have missed this comment last time Not sure how... anyways thanks a lot!

Originally Posted by zel View Post
It's weird what I've been founding as rumors around the web... some are simply... hilarious... like getting Yoshi, walking into Bill's machine and warping to the Orange Islands, using those ????? items as surfboards (well, this is one's not a rumor, in fact ), and I heard of a lot of new cities and all that (maybe they were just the Beta maps...) Very interesting, indeed.

Let's hope you can manage to reproduce at least a good number of all the rumors around. At least it'll be funny to try this time and see THEY WORK!

Good luck!
Haha well, in the old Secrets and Rumors, I actually put Yoshi in it Although he wasn't in any of the betas. The orange islands, hmm, I've heard this. Could be interesting. The ????? surfboards I've played with numerous times back in RB!

Well we'll try our hardest to replicate them, even if not, we'll try our best to include them.

Originally Posted by Star Girl View Post
Hey just curious, is Arcanine going to be classified as a legendary in this? Good luck with the game I am looking forward to playing it when you do release a beta.
Perhaps, not to sure

And thanks.

We don't have a planned beta date as of yet, and we probably won't have a set date at anytime as we don't want to have to rush to finish the beta on time for that date. We've done this multiple times in the past and have had many bugs and text errors.

What I can say is this beta may not be to far away. It depends on how much work we get done in the next while.
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