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Originally Posted by Deokishisu View Post
Wow, I remember seeing Secrets and Rumors before, and I liked the idea. This looks really good, and I'm looking forward to playing it.

I have a couple rumors. I remember hearing that if you give the little girl ontop of Celedon's Dept. Store all the drinks she's asked for, then talked to her 151 times, she'd get annoyed and give you a Flareth if you promised to leave her alone.

I also heard that after beating the Elite Four an insane amount of times, Prof. Oak will lead you into the Hall of Fame room and say something along the lines of, "You've been here enough, you know your way around." Then you could move freely. In the lower righthand corner of the room there was a staircase that led to a pier with a boat. If you got on the boat it'll take you to an island where there was another Safari Zone. Here you could catch Johto Pokemon and find the three ledgendary dogs running around outside the Safari Zone's gates. (I'm guessing there was supposed to be grass outside that Safari Zone.)

Just two interesting rumors I heard. The second one would be fun to play through though. Good luck! one of those is true
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