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Also, the Grunt's legs don't fit with his head (too short). I imagine a lot of those Trainer sprites are Frankensteins?


The map is beautiful, the place names are good, and what you've shared of the story is exceptional! The name "Black Earth" is terribly frightening and cool.

My complaints/suggestions:
-Does Black Earth yet have a REASON for wanting to throw the world into chaos? Is this going to be kept a secret? I do so love surprises!
-Fakemon are a big turn-off for a lot of people, myself included. But if you're set on including them, why not make two more birds to complete the spectrum (ROYGBIV)? Orange and Violet legendary birds!
-Like has been said, you need a bit more experience with tiling, but I'm sure you'll sort that out.
-Your Gym Leaders look a bit boring, where Gym Leaders are usually over-the-top and flamboyant, or at least distinguished in some way. Throw a mustache on of those guys, give that girl's skirt a funny pattern. Just something to consider!

All in all, it's looking very good. I don't usually post in threads like these, but from reading your blurb about the story (which was actually written with decent grammar, by the way!), this seems like a smart and reasonably well-executed idea that I wish to support. It's like the standard Pokemon story with added depth.

I'd stay away from Fakemon if I were you, though. Word to the wise.
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