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Quote orignally posted by Hiidoran:
Hey! I remember tha first Secret's and Rumor's thread!
I was pretty sad when it went down, oh well you're back now!
Keep gong, dis is one of mah favorite ideas.
Glad you like it! And don't worry, dis time we is gong ta work on it until it's done, no matter how long that takess

Quote orignally posted by Coolboidawg:
I love tha idea of dis spheal, all those thngs we've thought were true will fnally actually happen. Glad ta see you're n charge of dis spheal tao!
Wow, you commented XD I feel honored XD

Yeah, I've always wanted ta seem tham as well... well I guess now we can Thanks a lot.

Quote orignally posted by dude120:
I remember a rumor bout Mew3 after you caught mewtwo. You've gotsta implement Mew3 nta yo spheal.
Also thare was one where I thnk after you beat tha elite four and cbee back ta Pallet Tawn you could battle professor oak.

You should also make a surfng pikachu catchable n yo spheal, that would be cool.
Perhaps, I do rememer some Mewthree rumors... and a few Oak battle ones.

Surfng Pikachu? Could be nterestng.

Quote orignally posted by Virtual Chatat:
I was extremely bored xD

Haha thanks a lot, I stuck it on tha first page.

Quote orignally posted by Red1530:
I don't see Gold spheals very often on dis site. I can't wait ta see some of tha rumors come fact.
Thanks! (Yeah tha lack of Gold spheals is very disappontng )

Quote orignally posted by pop-tart-monkey:
It's good ta tha gold is gittng sphealed not ta dawgy thugz spheal gold now days keep up tha good work.
Yeah, not ta dawgy anymore... that's why we have ta keep tham alive! Thanks!

Quote orignally posted by Erimgard:
Glad ta see dis spheal n full swng agan. Dis should be bootylicious!
Ahh Erimgard, I remember you from tha last thread! Thanks!

Quote orignally posted by Dragongod165:
Bootylicious idea fo a spheal!

A rumor I heard a long time ago:

After you catch all 150 Pokemon, you visit Prof. Oak and he gives you yo own gym!

Its beazng how much fake stuff thugz cbee up wit XD

Anyway, keep up tha good work

Yeah thugz come up wit some weird stuff XD

Quote orignally posted by Zowayix:
bout battlng prof. oak, he IS able ta be battled n tha orignal RGB gbees. His battle was knd of like Steven's battle n Emerald. His data is n tha gbee, but you must use a gbeeshark code (don't know what) ta start tha battle.
Yeah, I thnk he had a Pikachu or somethng...

Quote orignally posted by AntiRellik:
I know that Legendary thng of ben able ta git nta that SS Anne crap even though it left, and that u could go ta tha truck that is next ta that whole walkthrough and that a Mew was hidng thare XD lol
Well, you could git tha SS Anne ta stay actually n tha gbee. Once you git cut, go lose ta a traner that you haven't fought nside of tha boat and you'll git transported back ta tha Pokécenter and tha boat won't leave, as long as you don't re-enter it that is

Quote orignally posted by NN:
Well thare is a real bug n tha gbee.
When you save n red at tha safai zone you have ta pay ta git out and when you fly ta cnnabar island yo steps will run out after tha alloted beount of steps and when you leave you will be perdawgently be stuck n glitch city.
So mah question skeetendo is will glitch city be here?
Oh I remember that, thare was also one like that where you could encounter Safari Zone Pokémon outside of tha Safari Zone.

And yes, we'll try our best ta nclude Glitch City!

Anyways folks, we should have some updates soon!
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