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Originally Posted by Martin² View Post
P.S.: I've IMed with Liquinn some time ago... He seems to try to claim ownership of S&R, you should talk with him...
Well, Liquinn took charge once we initially stopped it, however he immediately changed the entire theme of the hack to a different one, making the only similarity to the orginal being in name alone. Considering Liquinn has been banned, and we are the initiators of the hack bringing it back under the original premise and not under his version, his claims lack any grounds worthy of consideration at this time.

Also, time for a few updates on status.

Currently, work is a little slow as we are both very busy with school and whatnot, as generally happens this time of year, lol. However, this does not mean by any means "oh no they don't work on it!" or "Oh noes we will never get a demo". All it means is that while updates will not occur quite as often as they could over a break, they will still occur and be very noteworthy.

As for the update itself here is a little status update. Currently, you can expect at least 1, possibly two gym battles in the first demo, to give you some sense of the lengthit will be, although there is still no release date at this time. Still takes a bit of work rescripting everything, but trust me, it is worth it No new screens currently, but we will get some up as soon as the Pikachu that lives in my truck gets around to uploading them </joke>. But seriously, we will get some up soon. Peace out woadie. Mateo out.
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