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Originally Posted by Martin² View Post
Offtopic: I am back, but don't talk about it, it's not official yet. And thanks for adding me to your friends list, Chris.

Ontopic: This hack seems to proceed nicely in its devleopment, I wish you all the best.

P.S.: I've IMed with Liquinn some time ago... He seems to try to claim ownership of S&R, you should talk with him...
Ah no problem!


Blah forget him, just look at what Mateo said.

Originally Posted by xxFrozenFlower View Post
Neeeh, a gold hack that looks super awesome!! -clings-
I fell for a looot of stuff back then XD That stupid Mew truck thing... -fume-
Can't wait to see everything come together for this, super epic XD I'll definitively be checking this regularly n__n
Thanks a lot! :3

That's great to hear, and don't worry, this time you won't be falling for anything

x3 Also you don't know who this is do you? Look on your msn list XD

Originally Posted by Virtual Chatot View Post
Well, if he isn't the original owner, he was just another developer who picked up the progress. Since you've taken charge, and you were another developer, I say its technically yours.
LIke I said before, don't worry about it, he's really no threat to us
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