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Pokemon: Forest Gaurdian
Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

You start out in your room, and your mother calls you down. You put down the Gamecube controller and walk downstairs. The Professor of your town, Prof. Maple, informs you that Team Magma and Team Rocket are now competing to steal an ancient relic found in the Forest of Legends. He tells you that it is not to far from the town of Enigma. You set off on your journey, with your starter being one of the offspring from the legendary birds(That Prof. Maple bred). Upon arrival at The Forest of Legends, You see a battle between Giovanni and Maxie. Maxie then directly attack's Giovanni with a hyper beam from his Torkoal. He then runs to steal the Relic. The gaurdian of the relic, Celebi, appears but ends up being captured with Maxie master ball. You set off to find the Forest Relic and rescue Celebi.

Rival(s): Veronica: She's sweet but competitive. She is the "nice rival". You first meet her in Route 4.

Carter: He's the Jerk. Overconfident. Know-it-all. Just a Few words to describe him. You first meet him in the Forest of Legends.

Region: Voria

And... thats all i got so far.
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