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Placeholders for the win.

Name: Rémi LaClaire
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Grade: 10

Unfortunately for Rémi, he was cursed with an appearance that was bizarrely similar to his sister. Well, the fact that they would look alike is a given, since they're twins, but Rémi seems to have acquired a more feminine physique than a normal boy would. Like his sister, his hair is a chestnut brown, although his is shoulder length and tied into a small ponytail at the back with a light green hairband, while he allows his bangs to fall over his forehead. His eyes, also forest green like his sister, seem to have a blank look that while they seem to look at nothing, seem as if they are looking at everything. His face is where his curse begins, as it is surprisingly soft looking and femine, although it isn't quite obviously male... almost. He also has a scarily thin frame for a guy, which is odd considering he is so good at sports. Rémi's black sports jacket is the perfect size for him, and is only buttoned halfway, revealing his loose white dress shirt and personalized light green tie. The outfit is accompanied by the standard black dress pants worn by all of the male students, which fall down and overlap his black dress shoes. While you can't see them, his socks are white and he wears them halfway up his lower leg.

When given the choice of casual clothing, Rémi only wears specific types of street clothing. His personal favorite clothing article to wear is a hooded, zip up sweater. He can usually be found wearing a dark green sweater of this type, with a white "L" on the back of the sweater. Underneath this, he usually wears a white muscle shirt. The upper portion of the outfit is accompanied by the navy blue jeans he wears on his lower body. This is all matched with a pair of black running shoes.

Rémi, while his sister's twin, has a much different personality in comparison. Unlike Corrine, who is seemingly innocent and kind beyond belief, Rémi seems very inconsiderate and rude. Lazy from his mother's womb, he fails to see the necessity in putting effort into the things he does. That isn't to say he's a failure or anything. In fact, the reason he shows no willingness to do anything is because he excels at everything. He doesn't feel the need to answer to anyone other than Corrine, as she is his dearest sister and they have been close since birth. Because of this bond, he tends to treat her differently than he does other people. She is one of the few people he will smile for, and while he has no difficulty providing her with respect, advice, and his overall attention, he tends to zone out the voices and actions of the people around him that are not her. Because of this, people tend to disregard him as a decent person, and assume that he is inconsiderate about other people. That is untrue, as in reality, in his own mind, he considers himself being considerate. After all, who wants to be shown up all the time? While an arrogant point of view, that's how he thinks. He does have more of a personality than that. In fact, he really is a cheerful and fun loving guy once you pierce the barrier that separates him from the rest of the world like his sister has. Having been raised alongside his sister, he is also more social with women than with men, especially friends of Corrine. As a result, he's anything short of well traveled in the respect of having girlfriends. It's just... he hasn't found a girl capable of holding his attention for very long, so he breaks up with them shortly after. Despite this, he does like the prospect of having a girlfriend, but is generally afraid of making a move when he meets one he likes. this is where Corrine comes in to motivate him to take action. Whether she likes it or not, Rémi has taken the role of Corrine's protector. Whenever she decides to date a boy, he is quick to make it clear to the boy that if he hurts her, Rémi will hurt him. Luckily for these boys, Corinne has broken up with them every time, so Rémi hasn't had to do anything... yet.

Rémi and Corinne LaClaire were born and raised in Paris, France. They're parents were surprised to find that the child they were supposed to have was actually a pair of twins, but they accepted the two all the same. The two were raised in a very nuturing environment by a pair of very loving, yet financially impaired parents. The two siblings were inseperable, and spent all of their childhood together. They were real hand fulls at school, as they were constantly causing trouble for their teachers by pulling pranks. All was going well until they turned ten, and their mother passed away because of an illness. As a result, the two siblings began to distinguish themselves from each other. Without a provider in the family, Corinne took on the role and began to cook and clean their house, while Rémi pursued a path of success in memory of his mother, who always had wanted him to succeed. Despite the hardships, the twins still stuck together, they were just obtaining separate interests and beliefs. When they became freshmen, the two siblings were accepted into two seperate schools that were usually for the wealthy, although they were accepted because of they're abilities. These schools were Lahea's and Larmon's. A year without each other later, the two schools were merged anf they became able to see each other constantly again.

Name: Corinne LaClaire
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Grade: 10

To match her innocent personality, Corinne also has a seemingly innocent appearance. Her chestnut hair is her most obvious charm. While long enough to reach just below her butt when straight, is always in large curls at the ends but straight otherwise. Her bangs frame her face and the middle is brushed aside to keep them out of her eyes. When her hair is curled like this, it actually just reaches her waist because the curls are so large at the bottom. Her eyes, which seem to glisten joyfully in the light, are forest green in colour to compliment her hair. She has the same average height of her brother, and she also has a very thin frame, with an average bust size. Her skin holds a fair complexion, and is very soft. She believes in natural beauty, and thus she rarely wears makeup of any sort, despite her lips barely being pink. Corinne's black blazer seems to be slightly too big for her, as it hangs off of her thin frame slightly, with the top two buttons unbuttoned, revealing a little more of the white blouse underneath than a blazer that fit would. The white blouse itself is actually in an opposite situation than the blazer, as the blouse is a size too small and outlines ever curve of her body. Thankfully the blazer covers most of it. If her blazer becomes too loose and falls off or something, she is quick to cover herself back up because she is embarassed. Corinne chooses to wear the knee length, pleated grey skirt, as she doesn't like to show too much skin. In place of socks, she wears think black stockings that go all the way up to below her skirt. Finally, she wears a pair of black pennyloafers on her petite feet. The ribbon on her uniform is light green, which goes perfectly with her hair colour.

Corinne is required to wear a different uniform when she participated in tennis. It consists, essentially, of a plain white skirt which reaches just past her knees, along with a white, short sleeved top with the school's name in the top right. This is all accompanied by a pair of white running shoes. She also required to pull her hair into a ponytail.

Her casual outfit is quite simple as well. Her hair remains in the same style, but she dresses in a much more casual fashion. She sports a pair of tight blue jeans along with a light green tanktop. In the top center of the light green tanktop is a forest green oval that spans it horizontally, and the spaghetti straps are the same colour of forest green. Her shoes are the exact same white running shoes that she uses for tennis.

Corinne, in comparison to her brother, is the more social of the LaClaire twins. Unlike Rémi, her lazy counterpart, Corinne gives off an aura of innocence and initiative, often to the point where she is taken advantage of because of her personality. She is a social butterfly, always found talking with her many friends, and a lot of the time when she's not with her friends, she's with Rémi. Naturally a caring girl, she is often said by people to be a very "motherly" person. She cooks for her friends and family, has nothing against cleaning, and is always keeping an eye out for the best interests of those closest to her. She takes on the role of Rémi's provider, often doing things for him like washing his clothes, and she is constantly trying to motivate him to commit to things like sports, club activities, and girls. Most of the time she has a very cheery persona, to the point where she'll even try and lighten up even the gloomiest of situations. Unfortunately, she is a bit oblivious, sometimes missing important pieces of information and misinterpreting things. It's actually ironic that she is thought of as one of the most intelligent girls in her year. Pairing this quality with her general clumsiness is dangerous. She has an occassional affinity for tripping and dropping things, which usually leaves her in strange predicaments. Once again ironic, she is one of the school's star tennis players, and the captain of the team. In regards to dating, Corinne has only dated a few boys over the course of her life. She is usually fairly popular with the guys because of her sincerity and extremely kind personality, but Corrine herself is extremely confused about romance and often can't handle relationships well. She becomes flustered, and not knowing what else to do, she breaks up with them out of fear.

History: See Rémi's.

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