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I would just like to say this sounds like the best idea I have heard since I was in Seventh grade when I first heard the rumour of catching pikablu or if beat the elite 4 25 times and talke to professor oak 50 times and beat the elite 4 again he would appear at the hall of winners and give a "gym building set" and then you could talk to man in Vermillion City and he would let you build a gym where his pokemon was flatening land for 50000 pokedollars. I hope see a beta and a full version as soon as it is ready.

Quote originally posted by Antwhan:
good god, how many years has it been... classic secrets....

the time i spent on cinibar...all those haunters...gaaahhh

the one time i actually caught misingno and wnet through sending my game in to get it fixed, and they sent it bck as a restarted version w/ charizard insead of my beloved i had to start all over...

being able to rly hve missingno would make my day

cant wait to play this
I never had a problem with Missingno or M##!!@!!1 or M or any of the M glicthes on the coast of cinnabar. It never made my game screwy at all.

Quote originally posted by KohitsuMori:
Well, maybe since you'll only be able to play this game on emulators,
Not necessarily if you have a Flash cart you can play this a on real gameboy and it is very possible to trade between emulators.
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