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*faints* YOU HAVE A SHINY BUTTERFREE! What level is it? I want a Caterpie...and I've been searching for ages, but right now I'm not picky! xD

I'd also like Entei.

Uhmm...I really don't have much to offer for the Butterfree...
Jap. Carnivine, Lv. 24, Careful
Phione, Lv. 1 UT, Hardy
Totodile, Lv. 1 UT, dif. natures, egg move Ice Punch
Abomasnow, Lv. 44, Bashful
Jap. Cyndaquil, Lv 5, UT, Jolly
or what about a Master Ball?
If none of those will do I'll have to see what else I have...

and...Suicune for Entei?

I can infect them with Pkrs...?
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