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Originally Posted by Mike2494 View Post
Looks nice! I love the bag, who made that, it looks really great...Well good luck here, maybe new heroes would be good, if you need help, just contact me, you can see some of my stuff here:
Well thank you, but as of right now I am content with the FR/LG trainers. But thank you.
Originally Posted by OmegaGroudon View Post
I like the game too!
Well, I could make titlescreen cause I saw your title is plain.
Again thank you but I wanted to keep the title as close to the FR/LG ones as possible, and as far as it being plain, its just because I am waiting till I get a POKeMON to put on the screen. Thank you though.
Originally Posted by j.a View Post
Can i PLZ do the maps (not all but some)
Well, mapping is pretty much already taken care of. Plus it is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you though.

Now for the core reason behind this post.

Screens from route 2 in Iriho, look is CHERUBI, I wonder if CHERUBI is going to be in the game....


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