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I would rather have an RP with the following:

1: Lets you kill things and get away with it.
2: Lets you blow up the surroundings for no apparent reason other than your own entertainment.
3: Lets you travel around a giant world, be it earth or somewhere else.
4: Dosn't let n00bs in.
5: Starts on or near the brink of world destruction, and gives you the choice wether or not to help it progress or try to avoid/delay the inevitable.
6: I can be a bad guy for no apparent reason other than watching others cringe in fear in my very presance.
7: Dosn't have a uniform or set of clothing one HAS to wear.
8: Dosn't let n00bs in.
9: Has a few modern conviniences, yet they still depend on/revolve around magical powers of some sort. (MP3, Magic Player 3)
10: Dosn't require a history of the character. (honestly, if you don't want to talk about your past in the RP, what makes you think you're going to let everyone know anyways?)
11: Allows the player/character to do things their creator wouldn't normally be able to do. (who wants to be normal? Supernatural/super powered is way more fun)
12: Dosn't let n00bs in.

The Italics are reasons I joined Mindspace, and none of the other RPs.

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