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Originally Posted by Magnius View Post
lol think I already did but you never replied.

But yeah, all this will really do is insert what you have in your midi into the game. If you want your midi to sound REALLY good on the Gameboy Advance, it'll have to be tweaked. I've been researching GBA sound myself to make my own GBA remixes sound bette and here's what I've observed...
- On the GBA you can only have a number of "direct" tracks. The number? I'm not sure, the most I'vve been able to get is 3 direct tracks playing at a time, but some of the official Nintendo GBA music uses more, however I haven't figured out how. Direct tracks are anything that isn't GBA synth. Basically instruments like trumpets, violins, strings, anything that isn't GBA synth. The most number of direct tracks I've been able to play at once is 3. One trumpet, one drum track and a strings track. But 3 direct tracks only seems to work, if the third instrument is a string ensemble. Also it seems drums can be the only 2nd "Direct" track as of now. Still I've seen professional Pokemon GBA music using 2 "non drum" direct tracks, so I'm trying to figure out how it's done.

- Since the GBA can only hold so much memory, the "Direct" instruments have certain ranges they can play in. If the instrument goes out of that range, the GBA interprets that as GBA synth.

- "Square" and "Sawtooth" instruments seem to emulate the GBA synth quite nicely.

And yeah, that's what I've observed. Much of how the GBA and Sappy interpret the sounds is still a mystery to me.
I think I've got the formula...

- You can use up to 10 tracks per song: 5 for DirectSound (D/S), and 5 for GB Waveform (GB).
- You can use any instrument in the D/S tracks, provided that you must limit the playing instruments to 6 (including the drums).
- You may reserve a D/S track for the drums.
- You can use the GB tracks for the following: 1. Square1, 2. Square2, 3. Wave, 4. and 5. Noise.
- Two GB tracks are used for the Noise part because Applause (126) has a "smoother" effect than Gunshot (127).
- You may maximize the 5 D/S tracks for town/city/route/cave music.
- You must limit the battle music D/S tracks to 4. This gives a track that the GBA uses for the attack SFX. Maximizing 5 D/S tracks may sacrifice the drums upon execution of attacks like Surf, or when there's a stat change (+ATK, -DEF).

You want to ask: Why does some BGMs have 6 or more D/S tracks? Open a Pokemon FireRed ROM in Sappy, and open Battle 4 (has 10 tracks with 6 D/S tracks in it). Upon observation you will notice that some D/S tracks go OFF upon the execution of other D/S tracks.

I hvae updated the GBA Music Looping thread. It now has a tutorial for looping multiple-tracked S Files. Click the link below:

Due to popular demand, I have lowered the Wild Pokemon Theme (with two versions) and added it in my music collection thread:

Next STOP: To make guidelines regarding GBA music tracks
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