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Well...Training in the Sevii Islands(well...I mean Seven Island,Sevault Canyon)
My team in LG consists of:Articuno Lv61 with Ice Beam,Blizzard,Fly,Mist@NEVERMELTICE,Lv64 Suicune with Double Edge,Surf,Mirror Coat@Amulet Coin,and the last move has been deleted by move deleter,used to be Waterfall,LV62 Zapdos with Thunder Wave,Fly,Detect,Drill Peck,Lv74 Mewtwo with Thunderbolt,Recover,Shadow Ball,Psychic,Lv61 Moltres with Fire Blast,Fly,Mimic,Flamethrower,Lv66 Raichu with Thunder,Thunderbolt,Brick Break and Shock Wave.
Training all of them in order to fight Gary and the Elite Four.
Player Gender:Male
Rival's name:Gary
Player's name:Ash
I and my friends use legendaries.
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