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Thank you, sir! It is a shame that the last update was lost, but I can post a bit of one right now as well!

To recap the last update, We have finished bug testing through Viridian Forest and are currently working on Pewter City. There is no set release date as of yet, because we hate to set them as we end up rushing, and we like to make things as bug-free as possible (And I am sure you all appreciate that as well ) Beta one, when released should go through Mt Moon. Now to repost a couple screenshots I posted in the last update so you all can comment on them if you missed the opportunity before

yes, they have LOLcats in the Pokémon world, they just call them LOLmeowths :p

our brilliant title screen

I believe that about sums up the recap of the last update, albeit a bit more updated slightly. You all stay tuned for more updates. This is Mateo of Skeetendo, you stay classy PokéCommunity.
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