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Thanks for the comments! Yeah, I could use more description... I have a bad habit of kinda rushing through things, from video games and classwork to events in fics. I'll try to work on pacing things and adding more description. And Professor Oak is the first of many who'll act either exaggerated or out of character all together!

Here are the next two chapters! More ridiculous battles to come! (Oh, and by the way, I have nothing against blonds. I just thought since blond girls are often portrayed as a little ditzy, maybe I could have some fun with a blond boy instead...)

Chapter Three
~ Samantha ~

Days later, and we were still (lost) in Viridian Forest. Of course, I wouldn’t admit that to Evan. But the worst part was how boring it quickly became. No Trainers… No rare Pokémon… No nothing! But the absolute worstpart was how we had no idea how to recall our Pokémon. Sure, Charmander and Eevee were good… But Mankey continued to pick fights with every Pidgey and Caterpie. I was getting tired. And frustrated.

“Mankey, get away, NOW!” I finally blew when Mankey used Fury Swipes on a baby Pidgey.

“Man-keei!” he seemingly taunted.


“Sam, calm down. Mankey doesn’t mean any harm,” Evan said nervously.

Then Mankey yanked on Eevee’s large, pointy ear.

“Hey!” yelped Evan. “That no good monkey! Make ’em stop, Sam!”

But then Mankey hopped away.

“Mankey, get back here!” I yelled as we followed.

Eventually we found Mankey with a yellow rodent Pokémon… and a Trainer! As we approached, the Trainer turned and looked at us. He had annoyingly bright blond hair and sincere brown eyes. Like you can judge someone by their eyes…

“Ohohoho,” he laughed, “Is this your killa Mankey?”

I frowned. “Yeah… Sorry if he attacked you or something… He did attack you, right?” No one with an undamaged brain would’ve laughed like that… Even a blond.

“Ohohoho-hee! No, not at all! Me and meh Bigatoo were just restin’. Then he dropped in. Get it? Drop-in? Ohohoho!”

Then I noticed his bright white teeth. Ew, what was with this dork? “Well, I’ll just be getting my Mankey and leaving…”

“Wait! What’s your name? I’m Joseph McDee, but ya can call me Joby. And this is meh Bigatoo, Bigatoo! Oohoho!”

“Er… You mean ‘Pikachu,’ right?”

“Yeah, that’s what I said. Bigatoo! Ohohoho! Now don’t change the subject.”

“Fine! I’m Samantha and this is my twin brother, Evan. ‘Bye!” I started to run for my life, but realized Mankey was still near Joby and Pikachu. Was Mankey mental or something? That Trainer could kill somebody with all the Colgate he used on his teeth!

Joby went cross-eyed, then snorted. “Aw, shuckeroo! I think this guy really likes me, that he does! Ohohoho!”

As I grabbed Mankey, Joby said, “Hey, Samanya! Can we battle? Ohohoho!”

“Uh… How about ‘no?’”

“Aw, c’mon! It’ll be fun!”

“No, thanks.”

“It’ll be happy!”


“It’ll be gnarly!”

“Go away!”

“Ohohoho! Just once?”




Evan rolled his eyes. “Samantha, just do it so we can leave.”

“Please?” Joby gave me brown puppy-dog eyes.

“Fine! FINE!”


“But only this once!”


“And only a one-on-one.”





“Yay! Ohohoho! Bigatoo, go, buddy!” The yellow mouse seemed to roll out.

“Go, Mankey!” The pig monkey actually obeyed and went out.

“Ohohoho! Bigatoo, use Tundashock!” Joby called out while grinning stupidly. Why, oh, why’d I have to battle such a weirdo!?! But Pikachu, despite its Trainer’s obvious retardation, let loose a powerful Thundershock. Mankey braced himself for the hit, but was still hurt bad by the blow.

An idiot was going to beat me? Never! I got angry. “Mankey, use Fury Swipes!” I ordered. Mankey, who also seemed angry, lashed out at Pikachu…and became paralyzed! “Hey,” I said, shocked.

“Ohohoho, Bigatoo is all staticky,” Joby proudly announced.

“Shut up, fool!” I yelled furiously.

“Aw, don’t be a hater now, Samanya!”

“I’m Samantha, not Samanya!”

“Come on, now,” Evan said wearily. “Just battle!”

Joby snorted a few times, smiled at a tree, then said, “Bigatoo, use Tundashock, again and again and again!”

“Mankey, scratch its eyes out!” I roared. Mankey clumsily scratched Pikachu’s face, just missing its eyes. Still, it was good enough to cause Pikachu’s attack to miss…and hit Evan.

“EEEE!” he shrieked as his hair fuzzed out. What a perfect hit. But it would’ve been even better if Joby had been hit instead…

“Bigatoo,” the before mentioned blondie giggled. “Quick attack, quick attack!” The fat rat struck Mankey, knocking him out.

As I snarled, Joby laughed with a foolish grin. “Aw, wasn’t that fun, Samanya?”

Without a word, I dragged Evan and the Pokémon away. I thought I heard Joby say something around the lines of, “Ohohoho! Gee whiz, Samanya sure is nice!” I hoped I heard wrong...

Later that day, we arrived at Pewter City. It was an average-sized place known for its association with rocks. Besides the typical mart and Pokemon Center, it also had a Gym and museum (which I really wanted to check out!) Were we ready to battle Brock, the Gym Leader? Only one way to find out…


Chapter Four
~ Evan ~

Pewter City wasn't a very big place, but that didn’t stop us from training there for several days. Sometimes by fighting wild Pokémon, and sometimes by forcing Trainers into self-defense. But, either way, we trained. Charmander seemed more confident, Mankey calmer (believe it or not), and even my little Eevee seemed more feisty. And I felt surer of myself. And Samantha was very, very impatient.

“Okay, that’s enough! Can we go now?” Sam asked impatiently.

“To the gym?” I asked.

“No! The museum!”

Ah, the Pewter Museum of Science… Probably to your surprise, my sister is obsessed with science, history, and (especially) prehistoric Pokémon. Some of her favorite species are extinct creatures. Obviously, our gym battle would have to wait. (This was perfectly fine by me!)

As we stood outside the Pewter Museum of Science, I looked around and noticed a rock-themed building not far off. Outside a sign announced it as the Pewter City Pokemon Gym. I’ll admit it, I was nervous.

“Come on!” Sam snapped as she dragged me into the museum, our Pokémon following uncertainly. (By the way, a kind Pokémon Trainer had finally showed us how to recall our Pokémon, but we decided to let Charmander and Eevee stay out for awhile since they behaved well.)

Once inside the museum, we paid our 50 PokéYen each for a ticket. People were standing around, examining the various displays of unusual things, such as stones from space and ancient Pokemon bones. The museum had a grey floor, to match the rest of the solemn colored city.

“Oh, oh, OH! Look, look, Evan! An Aerodactyl fossil!” Sam uncharacteristically squealed.

“Ewh, it looks creepy,” I said with a shiver. Eevee sniffed at the glass containing the fossilized vicious dragon-like Pokémon, and then frowned. We think alike, you see. Charmander seemed curious about it.

“Oh, my Gardevoir! Look! It…is…so…NEAT!”

I watched Samantha bounce around a showcase, love struck. I peered at the fossil. The Pokémon seemed around the height of a human and had sharp, deadly looking claws. I felt the hair on my neck stand up. Call me cruel, but boy was I glad it was dead. Eevee shook her head after glancing at it. I thought I saw Charmander swallow this time. Yet, Samantha gazed lovingly at it. My sister had some major issues!

“What the heck is that thing?” I yelped, disturbed by the sight of it.

“Shut up! It’s a Kabutops.” She whispered the last part as if the fossil would shatter if she said it too loudly. Or come to life. Choose one. “Isn’t it so incredible?” Samantha continued to whisper.

“And extinct, thankfully,” I mumbled.

“Oh, how I want one,” Sam continued distantly as if I hadn’t said anything.

Then an old, creepy man galloped over to us. “Ey, yo youngin’s neow wot yea ta fwist mon wend own da moon?” he implored.

“EWW, GO AWAY!” Sam and I shrieked.

“Blah blah blah, I likie Moon Stones so muchie!” he giggled as he crawled away. (Yes, he did crawl, unfortunately.)

“Char? Charmander?” Charmander asked, looking horrified.

“Yes, let’s leave before he comes back,” Sam agreed.

On the way to the door, a father-like man pranced out. “I’m gonna get my daughter a Pikachu! She says Pikachu are so cute!”

Then a little girl loudly thumped into sight. “My daddy says he’s gonna get me a Pikachu! I says they’re so cute!” See what the world’s coming to, folks?

The Pewter City Pokémon Gym was huge and, you guessed it, grey. The battle stage was rocky and, right again, grey. As Sam and I walked in, we saw a guy with- get this- small slants for eyes! Creepy! Then he went heart-eyed and dashed over to…no, not Sam--me!!!

“Hello, gorgeous, my name’s Brock. Are you here for a gym match?” he asked while holding my hands.

“What’s wrong with you!? I am a BOY!” I yelled indignantly.

“Oh, sorry!” Brock said nervously. “You just looked…never mind.”

Sam and I exchanged looks.

“So…er…Here to battle?” Brock asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yes, and I’m Samantha and this is my brother Evan,” Sam said.

“Sure, okay. But can we make it a Double-battle--a total of four Pokémon?” Brock asked.

“I, uh… I only have one,” I said sheepishly.

“Well, a total of three a side then,” Brock said, very experienced.

Once we were on opposing sides, Brock tossed out two Pokéballs. “Geodude and Geodude!” Two Pokémon that resembled rocks with arms came out.

“Go, Mankey,” Sam ordered while throwing out her ‘ball. The monkey stood, posed to fight.

“Get ‘em, Eevee,” I said. Eevee dashed out, tail wagging excitedly.

“Interesting,” Brock said while trying-to-sound-wise-but-failing-terribly. “Geodude, Tackle Mankey! Geodude, you too!”

“Which Geodude is Geodude and which is Geodude?” Sam asked while trying-to-sound-important-but-knew-she-wasn’t.

Both rocks hurdled themselves at Mankey, but he managed to dodge one.

“Eevee, Tackle one! Help Mankey!” I ordered. Eevee, while trying-to-look-dangerous-but-knew-she-was-as-adorable-as-a-plushie, pounced into a Geodude, but cried out.

“Geodude are as hard as rocks,” Brock awesomely, totally, gnarly, pointed out.

“Fine, Mankey, Low Kick!” Sam said. Mankey’s attack was a kick, and it was low. Geodude weakly got up.

“Hey, no hits below the belt!” Brock dreamily chirped. Yes, he did chirp, fellas.

“But Geodude don’t wear belts,” Sam ingeniously pointed out.

Brock, after weeping softly for awhile at being proven wrong, finally ordered a Tackle and a Rock Tomb on Mankey. Mankey did a back flip to avoid the Tackle, but got struck by the rocks. He stumbled back, breathing hard, and now furious.

“That’s enough!” Sam barked. “Use Low Kick again!”

“Eevee, use Helping Hand!” I howled.

A light came from Eevee and went to Mankey, powering him up. The Low Kick was savage. Geodude was sent crashing into the other one. The first one fainted and the second one was hurt badly.

“F-Fine then,” Brock whimpered, clearly in distress. “You asked for it. Go, Onix! Sniff!”
A huge-and I mean HUGE, people!-rocky snake came from the Pokéball. It let out an earth-shaking roar that shook the whole gym. Eevee yelped and jumped back a foot. Even the enraged Mankey stepped back fearfully. I glanced at Sam in time to see her swallow.
“Shake, foolish mortals! This ends now!” Brock thundered before he giggled foolishly. “Princess power shall prevail! Onix, Bind!" The huge snake wrapped itself around Mankey, who struggled helplessly.

“Mankey!” Sam yelped. It was clear that the once annoying and now pitiable monkey was in trouble. I had to do something… But what?

“Geodude, Tackle Eevee!” Brock sang.

As Geodude flung itself at Eevee, I had it. “Eevee, dodge now!” I yelled. Eevee, now all serious, leapt over the Tackle, dodging it. “Tackle Onix as hard as you can!” I ordered. With an angry cry, Eevee smashed into Onix…and did nothing!

“Onix, like a rock,” Brock said, quite happily. Onix continued to squeeze Mankey, who looked awfully weak. “Toss it,” Brock ordered. The snake threw Mankey as one would toss a penny. Mankey landed with a thump, out cold.

“Mankey, you did good,” Sam said, obviously trying not to think murderous thoughts, as she returned the Fighting-type. “Okay, Charmander, go wreck havoc!” she ordered. The lizard sprang out with a vengeance.

“Onix, use Rock Tomb on Eevee; Geodude, the same on Charmander,” Brock said with the wisdom of one’s wisdom tooth.

“Eevee, Tackle Geodude!” I yelled. Eevee sprinted into Geodude and managed to knock it out. Now it was two-on-one. But who had the advantage? Onix tossed several rocks at Eevee, who dodged a few before she was hit hard.

“Charmander, use Metal Claw!” Sam yelled. Charmander let out an angry growl as he slashed Onix with glowing claws. Onix roared furiously. The Pokémon were really taking this battle personally…

“Onix, whack them with your tail!" Brock giggled seriously.

On impulse, I yelled, “Helping Hand, quick!” As Onix’s tail swished in, a light went from Eevee to Charmander.

The hit was critical. Both Eevee and Charmander cried out as they flew back. Charmander jumped right back up; his tail scorching. Eevee struggled up, but couldn’t remain standing. She fell.

“Eevee, good, come back,” I said, out of breath. It’s all come down to this, I thought.

Then, it happened. The flame on Charmander’s tail engulfed his whole body. It didn’t seem to hurt; in fact, he looked ready for more! (Was this Blaze?)

“Onix, Rock Tomb, now!” Brock yelled.

“Charmander, Ember,” Sam said firmly. The rocks fell down, but Charmander’s Ember burnt them to ashes. Was this normal!?! Then the Ember swallowed Onix, who howled in pain. Seconds seemed like hours. Then, finally, Onix collapsed with a loud thump.

“Uh...duh,” Brock professionally grunted.

“Charmander, you did it!” Sam cried as, once Charmander’s flame died down, she hugged him.

Brock sniffled. Brock whimpered. Then he blew. “TAKE THESE BLASTED BADGES AND GET OUT!!!” You know, I think his roar was even scarier than his Onix’s!

Once we healed our Pokémon, I asked, “Where to next?”

“Cerulean City,” Sam proudly answered.

And so, after winning our first badges, we skipped off into the sunset, singing, “We’re in the Money!” What awaited us ahead?


In case you were wondering about the old man in the museum, he's in the games. If you talk to him, he mentions the year the first man went on the moon. (In the Pokemon world?) And I made him talk weird just for humor's sake. The little girl and her father are also in there and mention getting a Pikachu, as well.
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