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Pokemon Lightning Yellow

Hack of Fire Red!

Based to continue Red's Lighting Yellow/Thunder Yellow.

So far on my theme

I'm up to M.T. Moon - Jesse and Jame's battle.

Starting Pokemon of Game: Pikachu

My other game:

Pokemon Lost in the Future.

You are 16... in the Enzo Region.

Team Rocket,Aqua,and Magma have joined forces into this And has overrun Kanto,Johto and Hoenn.

The 16 year old boy(Casey,... or if u name it someone else) flees the regions and is attacked by a Lugia under Rocket's Control.

In Enzo. Red,blue,green,yellow,gold,crystal,silver,ruby,sapphire, and emerald are all leading the resistance and fights down.

Casey then receives Pika from Red when Red was captures and a pokeball was on the ground.

This is game has revamps of Yellow Sprites.

Also i need few people to revamp the first generation.