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@Heatran- Thanks (Although the last few posts and all of the scripting is done by Mateo XD)

@Zel- We are currently only planning one way to get Mew, but that is not set in stone

@Arceux- Please don't triple post, but thank you for the rumours

@ Everyone else- There will not be too may rumours actually happening up to Mt. Moon really, since they weren't until Vermillion like you said. However some will be hinted at that don't happen yet and some things will be a bit different, as its not EXACTLY like RBY, although it is very close. But you will see that when you play.

Also, just to give you a heads up, I am currently in my last class of the day, that means I have to find SOMETHING to do to fill my otherwise boring afternoon, so expect a good bit of progress, possibly all the way up to working on Mt Moon. Not a lot of major stuff left in Pewter at this point, just some bug fixing/simple things to finish. Beta one is getting closer and closer!

-Mateo out
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