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Ugh, I finally finished reading all the posts in this thread. Anyway, I'd be very happy to help with a few things you said you needed.

*Side Quests - I'll need descriptions of places and the general storyline to help with side quests. It's kind of strange, but Pokemon never really has many side quests.

*Team Necros Admins - I'm very good with creating evil characters. I'm not sure why, perhaps because I embrace my dark side? Anyway, I'll need a description of what Team Necros believes as to why they have this twisted, messed up idea of releasing a huge Pokemon.

*Pokemon - I was thinking about ideas for Pokemon, but surprisingly, I couldn't come up with any. You said you didn't really need any more people for this, but I'll inform you if I have a revelation at some point. I have no idea how to sprite Pokemon, but I'm looking forward to your tutorial to see if I'd be interested.

*Moves, Abilities, Items - For this I'll need to know the descriptions of the Pokemon you'll want them to relate to, but I'm sure I'll slowly come up with these on my own. It looks like there are plenty of ideas already, but I'd be happy to help.

I'll check this forum every now and then, but I'm much more active through e-mail ([email protected]) or via the RMVX forums. Tell me what you still need so I can begin working on it.