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Greetings folks, I'm Trainer Noah and I'm a new guy! I joined up on this forum because I got kind of into Pokemon again (I'm on again, off again sometimes) and felt like roleplaying! So, I was wondering if anybody would be interested in an RP based on the location that premiered in Pokemon Battle Revolution: Poketopia. The game itself does not really lend itself to much, but just glancing around it seems like a fun place to RP! It would be a kind of casual story line, featuring the initial exploration of a Pokemon Theme Park dedicated to Trainer Battles and shopping, character interactions (of course!) and the biggest part, the fantastic tournament styled battles that rage in the various coliseums around town!

See, I didn't want to post anything as I'm not terribly good with introduction posts (like this one) and I especially didn't want to do it if nobody was interested. So... if anybody thinks this is a good idea, post here and we can talk about it a bit!

So... does anybody think anything at all about this potential RP? I take criticism very well, and would prefer someone to tell me my idea is stupid than to get no replies at all. Thanks in advance for any comments made!